Vitsoe Chair Review (DIY Project Download)

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The 620 Chair Programme is a kit of parts, not just a chair. Designed by Dieter Rams for Vits in 1962 and built to last a lifetime and more. Vitsoe redesigned some of the details for the 620’s re-release, which coincided with this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. On the 50th anniversary of Dieter Rams’s 620 modular seating, Vitsoe has introduced a re-engineered version of the modern classic.

vitsoe chair review 2Vits, exclusive licensee of Dieter Rams’ furniture designs, is very pleased to announce that they are re-releasing the 620 Chair Programme. Product news: furniture brand Vits has reissued a classic chair by German designer Dieter Rams, the former head of design at Braun. But this chair, the 620 Chair Program, isn’t really new. It was designed in 1962 by the German designer Dieter Rams, and is being reissued in the United States and Britain by its manufacturer, Vitsoe, and Moss, the New York design store.

Dieter Rams grants Vits the exclusive worldwide license to his original furniture designs resulting in the re-engineered 620 Chair Program. As previously reported, revered equipment brand Vitsoe has been granted exclusive permissions to legendary designer Dieter Rams’ original furniture designs. Designed in 1962 by Dieter Rams, the 620 is a modular chair which can be converted from a low back to a high back chair by the owner.

Good Design Is Long Lasting: Vitsoe Reintroduces Dieter Rams-designed 620 Chair Program

Every client I have introduced Vitsoe shelving to has wanted to use it, even after they realized how expensive it was. Even more intriguingly, Adams does not view Vitsoe as a furniture company. The 620 Chair Programme, a surprisingly comfortable, boxy leather chair, designed by Rams in 1962, also has flexibility and a long lifespan at its core. Now Vitsoe, makers of that system, have relaunched Rams’s sumptuously minimal chairs from 1962. Straightforwardly elegant, with polished white glass-fibre reinforced plastic frames, the chairs are designed to be adaptable. You may remeber the name Vitsoe from the Name That Chair post a while back, but it’s not enough just to have a Rams chair, you must also surround it with his amazing shelves. All about 620 Chair Programme by Vitsoe on Architonic. Rams describes that he wanted to create a piece of upholstered furniture that was sumptuously comfortable but also visually light. Dieter Rams’ 620 chair comeback, Maharishi’s Striking Suit, DNA portraits and more in our weekly look at the web.


620 Chair Programme- designed by Dieter Rams for Vitsoe in 1962. Houzz. vintage monoploy cards framed, blue chairs sarah7614. The 620 Reading Room opens at the Vitsoe shop, London, this Saturday. The Pitchfork Review Printed Pages Riposte Shelf Journal Vestoj. Vitsoe sells just three products: the 606 Universal Shelving System, the 620 Chair Programme and the 621 Table.

Dashwood Books, to offer the 620 Reading Room, a comfortable and well-heeled respite from your usual weekend stroll. This product might look like a simple shelving system and not a sexy Eames chair, but I would argue that the 606 Universal Shelving System is one of the most important furniture products of the 20th Century and has never seen a competitor come close to offering a solution as brilliant as this. Vitra lounge chair and ottoman by Charles & Ray Eames. Website Review of SEO, traffic, visitors and competitors of www.