Vitsoe Shelving Second Hand (DIY Project Download)

I used to have the number of a guy that lived in Blackheath who. DIETER RAMS – 606 Shelving System – Wall Unit – VITSOE – Germany 1960 – Dieter. 5850. In addition, if you ever did want to get rid of your Vitsoe, it hold its value really well on the second-hand market. Just take a look at eBay listings. Every client I have introduced Vitsoe shelving to has wanted to use it, even after they realized how expensive it was.

vitsoe shelving second hand 2The industrial designer Dieter Rams designed shelving and chairs for a company called Vitsoe, whose first American showroom opened last week on Bond Street in Manhattan. The 1,100-square-foot space, open to the public, was designed to show the many ways his 1960 modular shelving system, called the 606 Universal, can be used. Although Dieter Rams’ 606 Universal Shelving System has been in continuous production since 1960, numerous changes have been introduced along the way. Vits. A shelving system. A chair programme. A time in history. A philosophy. Later I can return these back to them in London to be used again and again before recycling.

If used in a compressed way, shelves can be added on both sides. Frumpy Chairs: Hand-crafted Plastic-molded Seating by Jamie Wolfond. Second-hand ladderax units continue to pull in big money at auction, so i’ve often wondered why no-one has re-issued the simple, obviously desirable line.

Vitsoe Sells Dieter Shelving System

vitsoe shelving second hand 3I walked in and saw rows of Vitsoe shelving and was sold immediately. Then I saw Snow White’s coffin, an old Braun catalog, and basically every object Dieter Rams had ever designed. Of course I became frustratingly used to this in Tokyo. The Vitsoe 606 Universal Shelving System was designed by Dieter Rams and first launched in 1960. The Vitsoe shelving system is not cheap but you definitely won’t have to buy it twice. Because most people forget about buying used furniture. The cross rail is always used with the X-Post to brace the structure. 3. A modular system that can be used as effectively for a single shelf or an entire library, it is adjustable and extendable (without the need for tools) and has the key advantage of being designed aesthetically and practically to last, no matter the changing need or fashion. Shop for new and used bookshelves in London on Gumtree. Browse computer desks, pedestals, office chairs,monitor stands, and other office furniture online today.

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What they don’t do, I might argue, is design ’em like they used to. This week the venerable Vits brand, famous creator of modernist marvels such as the everlasting, never boring 606 Universal Shelving System, adds a new side table to its growing collection. ‘606 Universal Shelving System’ – and follows hot on the heels of Vitsoe’s announcement that it has acquired the exclusive worldwide licence for Rams’ designs. While he is mainly know for his stint as chief designer at Braun for most of the second half of the 20th century, Rams also found time to design a whole furniture range produced first with Otto Zapf and later Niels Vitsoe from the early 1960s until the 1980s. However, as of 1 January 2013 Rams handed over the full and exclusive rights for the production of his furniture worldwide to Vitsoe to ‘ensure that my furniture is in the best hands for the years ahead’.