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Here you will find our team of planners ready to plan with you. Shelves and chairs are not held in stock at Duke Street but you can choose to collect your order or have it delivered. Download our brochure, planning guide and price list, or request to have them delivered to your door. Download. 606 Universal Shelving System. Brochure. Vitsoe: innovative furniture that’s built to last. Mr Adams, the company’s managing director, acquired a struggling Vitsoe in the Nineties and relaunched it as a UK manufacturer of adaptable shelves.

vitsoe shelving uk 2Read on to discover why the high-priced but lifetime-lasting Vitsoe system is actually. Vitsoe’s 606 Universal Shelving system is available in various shelf widths and lengths, drawers, desks, and tabletops that can be configured to suit a range of storage needs. Every client I have introduced Vitsoe shelving to has wanted to use it, even after they realized how expensive it was. UK, Germany, Singapore & Beyond. Vitsoe sells just three products: the 606 Universal Shelving System, the 620 Chair Programme and the 621 Table.

Even more intriguingly, Adams does not view Vitsoe as a furniture company. Vitsoe makes and sells furniture designed exclusively by Dieter Rams, offering just three products; the 606 Universal Shelving System, the 620 Chair Programme, and the 621 Side Table. He decided to fly to Frankfurt for the weekend to introduce himself to Niels Vitsoe, to whom he had only previously spoken on the phone, and returned from Germany with an agreement to import and sell Vitsoe furniture in the UK, where it was little known. Housetohome is part of the Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Homes Network. carlarchitect. Workspace & desks Gallery 606 Universal Shelving System Vits.

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The Vitsoe site features a nice gallery of the shelves in their natural habitat, and you’ll also catch a few 620 chairs in there. October 4, 2009 at 5:29 am Hi, we have spent quite a lot of money on Vitoes shelves, not because we are rolling in it but because it is so easy to put up, and move if required, its easy to clean, flexible and versatile, will carry tons of books etc yet looks almost invisible! It just makes a small space look bigger because it will take anything! And while its a shame about what has been said about their supplies in the US, we have had faultless service from them in the UK! Vits. A shelving system. A chair programme. A time in history. I love Dieter Rams’s Vitsoe shelving system. Alternatively, try Habitat’s wall-fixed Influence shelving unit (08444 991111, What can Vits’s 606 Universal Shelving System teach us about living better with less that lasts longer? Looking for UK manufacturers? Vitsoe. Vits has made Dieter Rams’s furniture for more than 50 years. A perfect combination pic. A new video from respected modern-furniture company Vitsoe demonstrates the timeless qualities of their iconic 606 Universal Shelving System by visiting two Vitsoe veterans.


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