Waist Height Garden Bed (DIY Project Download)

waist height garden bed 1

This is an indestructable waist high planter box that we hope will bring us to partial "vegetable independence" from the grocery store this season. A 6′ long garden bed isn’t unusual, I currently have a 4’x8′ raised greenhouse Guarden bed, and am planning on making a couple of these boxes. Counter Height Garden box are easy to build and great for those of us that just can’t get down on the ground any longer. I cut all pieces out and assembled the bed using one or two pin nails on each side of the leg to hold together. This is a quick post on my waist-high raised bed garden project. There was twenty feet of unused space on the South side of my house.

waist height garden bed 2In addition to the convenience of a waist-high garden, these elevated planters, garden beds, and boxes offer creative landscaping opportunities. Choose from our large selection of elevated gardens. They are perfect waist high garden planters for bend-free, back saving vegetable and flower gardening. Make vegetable and herb growing more convenient for customers with raised beds.

At 750mm it is the same height as most dining tables so this is perfect for an elderly person that may want to use a chair to sit on while gardening. The bed dimensions are the same as above. Here’s how you can start this year’s garden. Check out this plan on how you can build a waist high raised garden bed. A raised garden bed brings the garden up to a comfortable height for the gardener. Since it raises the garden off the ground, you will not have to bend and reach as much, if at all. Its height can range from six inches to waist high. It usually has a frame made of wood, stone, concrete, or brick.

Elevated Planters: Elevated Garden Beds And Boxes

If you are someone with reduced mobility the extra height of the beds also makes vegetable gardening accessible especially with our waist high vegtrug or vegi-table wooden planters. For people with physical limitations, such as those unable to bend over, or who are confined to a wheelchair, waist high raised beds are the answer. A bed of this height will enable the person to partake in their interest in gardening without hindrance. If you love gardening and it hurts to bend over or kneel to tend to the soil, pull weeds or pick the vegetables for your dinner meal then waist height. I have read one website that talked about waist high gardening. with the containers placed on a wooden stand to where you can stand up to tend the plants. Due to gardener back issues, we want to build waist-high planting beds for some of our garden crops. We’re trying to figure out the cheapest way to. How to Construct a Waist-High Raised Garden Bed Table. Although gardening can be an incredibly rewarding task, the physical effort required by the art, including weeding, planting and mulching, can take a toll on the body.