Walken Closet Commercial (DIY Project Download)

The Kia Optima commercial features Christopher Walken in a couple’s walk-in — or Walken — closet. How many of you would like to find Christopher Walken in your walk-in closet? In Kia’s 2016 Super Bowl ad, they introduce to you the one and only ‘Walken Closet. The ad, which will air during Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7, starts off with a pretty groan-inducing pun. With a snap of his fingers, Christopher turns the walken closet into a garage.

walken closet commercial 2For more Super Bowl 50 news, check out Adweek’s Super Bowl Ad Tracker, an up-to-date list of the brands running Super Bowl spots and the agencies involved in creating them. Kia has a weird marketing strategy to sell the Optima in its Super Bowl commercial titled Walken Closet. The humorous spot stars actor Christopher Walken who appears to live in a closet, and he describes the South Korean brand’s midsize sedan as as the world’s most exciting pair of socks. This commercial may inspire to buy some fancy socks or hire Christopher Walken to live in their closet more than it inspires them to buy a car, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

With Super Bowl 50 just eight days away, we’re slowly getting to see some teaser spots for some of the commercials that will air during the game. Whoever suggested that car manufacturer Kia’s new commercial should feature a sock puppet-wearing Christopher Walken deserves a medal. Being in a closet with Christopher Walken and 600 pairs of beige slacks was definitely one of those moments. The 60-second commercial is aptly titled Walken Closet, and, not surprisingly, the preview shows Walken sitting in a large, walk-in closet.

Christopher Walken Shines In Kia Super Bowl Ad That Likens The Optima To A Pair Of Socks

Only one person could’ve done Kia’s Walken Closet Super Bowl spot. Stars and cars, Jeeps and sheep: Super Bowl auto ad roundup. Kia Optima’s Super Bowl 2016 commercial has Christopher Walken playing with sock puppets. Find your pizzazz inside a Walken closet in this funny superbowl ad. Have you seen the Christopher Walken Kia commercial? Learn more here! Christopher Walken in Kia’s ‘Walken Closet’ 2016 Super Bowl commercial. When a man is in danger of blending in like beige socks, Christopher Walken encourages him to drive a Kia Optima, which the actor likens to the world s most exciting pair of socks. In Kia’s just-released Walken Closet Super Bowl ad, the actor is looking to add some pizzaz to a hapless closet owner’s sock collection.

Super Bowl 50: Christopher Walken Stars In Kia’s Commercial: Video

Kia’s Super Bowl ad gives new meaning to a walk-in closet. Iconic actor Christopher Walken surprises a man in his home. We should all have a Walken closet, obviously, even if the verdict’s still out on a Kia. Runner up: Helen Mirren’s Bud-branded drink-driving PSA.