Wallpaper Covered Chest Of Drawers (DIY Project Download)

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Pinterest Wallpaper Drawers. Chest of drawers makeover, painted and covered using Cath Kidston wallpaper. Wallpaper the fronts of a chest of drawers. Unscrew the knobs, apply your wallpaper, reattach the knobs. Make a pattern, using tissue paper or newspaper, for the piece you want to cover. Follow this step-by-step guide to personalise a chest of drawers. Designer and Eco Expert Oliver Heath teamed wallpaper-covered drawers with tassel handles.

wallpaper covered chest of drawers 2It’s really quite simple to cover the drawers with wallpaper her’s what I did:. A closeup of the handlesHere’s the chest of drawers that got the treatment. Nothing major, mind you, I just felt like I had too many surfaces covered in STUFF so I’ve majorly pared back what is on show and swapped things around a bit. Alas, I had barely enough wallpaper in my one roll to cover the wall, nevermind an extra metre to cover this little chest of drawers. Happily, Sian Zeng sells her wallpaper in one metre lengths as larger samples where you might want to see the entire pattern repeat and she happily sent me one of these to allow me to cover my chest of drawers.

It was on an already quite nice chest of drawers that were heading off to the the skip by a lovely friend. Give a plain white set of drawers a custom upgrade — fast. Then cover edges w/wood trim (nailed) or ribbon (glued).

Upcycling A Chest Of Drawers For The Nursery

wallpaper covered chest of drawers 3Tutorial for using wallpaper offcuts, using wallpaper on furniture, upcycling furniture, using small wallpaper lengths Off the Wall paper. We used a flat-pack chest of drawers, but these steps can easily be adapted to any item of furniture, new or oldFirst, find yourself a simple piece. Cut wallpaper to size before assembling furniture. Cover the legs of your flat-pack chest, pasting the paper, and then wrapping it around each leg. 3. Save money and freshen up a room by covering an old lampshade with a graphic patterned wallpaper like this blue and white nautical inspired stripe. Revamp a boring dresser by putting wallpaper on the drawer fronts. An unfinished Bombay chest of drawers becomes a focal point when painted with a sage green base coat and adorned with cream initials in French script. Be sure to consider the hardware when painting furniture to make sure the knobs or pulls don’t cover or compete with your design. Stop at your local paint and wallpaper store to start your search for the perfect patterns to use. Chest of drawers makeover, painted and covered using Cath Kidston wallpaper. I’m definitely going to get hold of some quirky wallpaper and do this myself! Track down some wallpaper that tickles your fancy. Cut rectangles of wallpaper the exact size of the front of each drawer by placing the drawers facedown on the wallpaper and carefully tracing them.

Mary Poppins: The Chest Of Drawers Makeover

I’ve got a thing for old drawers covered in wallpaper and collect as many as I can for studio storage. But, they can be rare, or pricey. So, when I find a newer set for cheap, I give it a. Dereliction Photographer recording the past and the lives we leave behind. How To Upcycle An Old Chest Of Drawers With Decoupage. I especially like the attention to detail that Debi has gone to, with the covered handles and the addition of some sparkles. DIY wallpaper map chest of drawers. I like that idea a lot.

Steps 7-8 Step 7: Once dry, use Rustoleum Clear Sealant to ensure all the wallpaper is covered and protected on the unit and the drawers. While the technique has been around since the twelfth century, it really gained popularity in the 1700’s when it started being used in Italy and France when Marie Antoinette herself took an interest in the lavish furniture and accessories covered in decoupage. I would suggest spending some time looking through wall-paper books and selecting several coordinating papers from the same collection to fashion your own special piece of furniture.