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Find local chicken coop classified ads in the UK and Ireland. Buy and sell hassle free with Preloved!. Chicken coop wanted enough to house 3-4 chickens with a run and no more than 2. WANTED!!!! Chicken coop and run. on Gumtree. Im looking for a large chicken coop and run as cheap as possible (reasonable condition dont mind a l.

wanted chicken coop 2Wanted. A chicken coop for 3 chickens to be used for winter quarters so must be in good condition and wind and rain proof. Wanted. A chicken coop for 3 chickens to be used for winter quarters so must be in good condition and wind and rain proof. The Sussex chicken house has a unique look and has been specifically designed to give your hens’ complete protection not only from pesky predators but also the wet and windy weather we so often experience.

If you buy a second hand wooden coop, be extremely careful you’re not importing redmite with it. I am having trouble finding plans for a coop. My neighbor is wanting to get some chickens and wants some help on the coop. Please post your ideas!. WANTED CHICKEN COOP in Newport. View this and 1000’s more Chickens ads on Wightbay!

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wanted chicken coop 3Hi looking for chicken house for 4-6 chcickens, also run would be useful. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the chicken run and coop I received today!!!! Took me less than an hour to put together and looks FANTASTIC!!!!! I have bought this item for my 2 rabbits and will be just the thing for them! Better than any hutch I could buy!!! There were NO faults with it, it reached me in PERFECT condition. Choosing chickens can be a tough decision and lots of sellers claim to be ‘the best’ Take a look at our customer testimonials and read what their experience at Warwickshire Chicken Coop was like and how their hens are doing. My daughter wanted to buy them all yesterday, so thank you being so informative and I know that we will be back to buy more:)Sam, October 2015 via Facebook. I freely confess to being a chicken coop looky loo and know that I am not alone in my fervent interest in the endless variety of coop styles, construction materials,. I wanted to know more about its history and layout and Chris White graciously agreed to share her family’s story. I laugh about that now because our original five chickens would not have fit in the little barn coop I thought I wanted to begin with. Looking for a chicken coop and run. Please message/text if you are looking at selling. Many thanks.

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Learn how to create a pretty and functional chicken coop in just a few basic steps. I definitely wanted to add some kind of stepping stones or a mat to the front of the door, and was thrilled when I found part of this pallet still intact. Hi I’m after a chicken coop and laying chicken for my neice let me know what you have and prices thankyou. Posted by The Happy Chicken Coop on June 8, 2015 Posted In: Guides. Picking the right breed of chicken as a beginner can be the difference between thoroughly enjoying every moment with your chickens or questioning why you ever wanted chickens in the first place. We researched all about coop styles, chicken runs and chicken care. The walls were a little tricky and took a lot of pre-planning to get the windows and door frames exactly how I wanted them.

I’m getting chickens! (can you tell that I’m a tad over excited!?) I’ve always wanted chickens, I love the lifestyle and idealism of collecting eggs in the morning, letting the chickens roam the allotment and simply enjoying they’re company.