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The Costume Department is responsible for the design, fitting, hire, purchase, manufacture, continuity and care of all costume items on feature films. The term ‘Costume’ refers to the clothes that the actors wear, and these differ enormously from production to production, ranging from contemporary urban fashion to period ball gowns, and even wetsuits. They may be employed on films at any stage during pre-production. They help to organise the costume department, ordering supplies and assisting in setting up any workrooms needed for productions. Wardrobe Department What is a Stylist and other unknowns in movie credits. Ever watched the credits at the end of a movie and wondered what all of those people do? Well, here’s your answer.

wardrobe department film 2The Costume Designer is an integral part of a film or television production’s creative team. In pre-production, they work closely with the Director, the Production Designer and the Producers to develop a look for the characters that best serves the story. Wardrobe Supervisor. The head of the wardrobe department. Rebecca has 15+ years experience in film, fashion, television, print & production as a wardrobe stylist, costume designer and makeup artist. With her upbeat attitude, tireless energy and unbounded creativity she is an asset to any team.

Century Fox Film. As part of Production Services, the Wardrobe Clerk, will support the Wardrobe department in various administrative duties, including:. Learn about working in the wardrobe department on a film set. Complete guide to makeup artist jobs and careers with updated job board. Current, Associate Wig Designer at Vancouver Opera, Ventilating Instructor at Vancouver Film School, Costume Designer / Head of Wardrobe Department.

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For those new to physical production, here is a list of film set departments, with notes on their staff positions, responsibilities, benefits and attractions. Wardrobe Supervisors and Set Costumers are responsible for organizing costumes on set as well as dressing actors and background on the day. Previous professional experience in the costume department of a film or television production is required for this role. In seeking out an entry-level position from which to build your career, you can consider working as a stitcher, breakdown artist, or tailor. Warner Bros. Studios maintains one of the largest collections of period and contemporary costumes for film, television, theater and commercial productions. Costume and Wardrobe Department. The Malta Film Commission has published a new guide to illustrate Malta’s filming opportunities. Wardrobe Supervisors initially discuss films with Costume Designers, Costume Design Assistants and/or Costume Supervisors. Most Wardrobe Supervisors progress through the Costume Department working on film productions, beginning their careers as Costume Trainees or Assistants. PAs may also work in the production office or in other departments, such as the art, wardrobe or locations department. Set PA – Set PAs work on set under the guidance of the Assistant Directors and will have interaction with most departments.

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Depending on the type and size of production there are sometimes two wardrobe departments: the ‘making wardrobe’ department who research and acquire or create the costumes, and the ‘running wardrobe’ who organise and maintain the costumes and assist in the changes of costumes during the shoot. You would help to make and look after the costumes used by actors in a TV show, film or play. The costumes you work on would make the production feel more real and look more impressive.