Wardrobe Inventory Spreadsheet (DIY Project Download)

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On the left column of the spreadsheet, I put some general categories: skirts, blouses, knit tops, etc. Download the Wardrobe Inventory Template! I’m pretty new here, and I’m trying to build a wardrobe basically from the ground up. I’ve found (and been tempted to ask myself) numerous. Wardrobe Assessment: I built a spreadsheet to help you take inventory of your wardrobe, assess your needs, and prioritize your purchases (x-post /r/malefashionadvice) (self.

wardrobe inventory spreadsheet 2I just came to YLF to look for info about wardrobe tracking apps, so thanks for this post! It sounds like Stylebook is getting a mediocre rap. This is a fun and satisfying thread to read I use a spreadsheet to keep track of my wardrobe inventory. Something you should know about me: I am a giant nerd about spreadsheets. So a few momths ago, I added a page to my wardrobe inventory workbook of what I wear on a day-to-day basis. I once made an Excel spreadsheet to track my wardrobe – it was vaguely based on the Very Small Closet concept but basically it just had a sheet per type of item, then each item listed with various attributes I wanted to track (say, wear for work, or casual, or what color it was, etc. I’ve played around with an iPhone app for inventory-ing my closet, but I haven’t finished taking all the myriad of pictures of my garments that would be required, so it’s not completely useful yet.

Mid-Year Closet Inventory: What I Have Now. Anyway, your wardrobe posts inspired me to make an Excel spreadsheet where I’ve been entering all my clothing and accessories. I did a clothing inventory about 18 months ago, after having lost about 30 pounds. For the first 6 months, I continued to wear clothing in the larger size, but eventually I gained confidence that I wouldn’t gain the weight back. Doing my closet inventory was an important step in my recovery, as it helped me to fully grasp the extent of my wardrobe excess.

Spreadsheet Vs. Stylebook: Tracking My Closet

Can someone provide me with their spreadsheet, or direct me to the thread? I started working on a similar wardrobe inventory spreadsheet a while back but have since moved the project into the SplashShopper program I use on my Treo 650. First and foremost I keep a manual spreadsheet of clothing purchases. I keep it really as an inventory of my key pieces so I know what I have that are continuously rotated in my closet. I’m a non-gadgets, non-apps kinda gal, still living in the 20th century. Do you get much use out of Homyfads? I did a spreadsheet in Excel, outlining everything I own (I keep finding stragglers), and going down a checklist I made to see if I am going to keep it, eBay it, donate it, or give it to friends. I imagine that someday I may attempt to digitize my entire closet. I like that this version of outfit listing forces me to think about what I have, hone my mental inventory. I also have a spreadsheet of items I’ve worn during this time so I can document what gets worn most. Though it is considered a walk-in closet, it is pretty small and I share it with my husband. If i get home early today b/c of snow, I may start this task of cataloging my closet. it is so nice to see it all in a spreadsheet like that. Create Your Perfect Capsule Wardrobe with this Closet Inventory Spreadsheet.

Recovering Shopaholic’s Mid-year Closet Inventory Results

I put together an Excel spreadsheet so I could inventory what my closet and dressers were currently holding. I then went through drawer-by-drawer, hanger-by-hanger, pile-by-pile and tallied up the items based on their style (cardigans, skinny jeans, skirts, etc, etc). Need a little more guidance on this whole capsule wardrobe thing? Did you create an inventory, or do you have everything hanging and easy to see in your storage unit?. Need help organizing your closet? The free wardrobe inventory printable will help! Use this free printable clothing inventory form to remember what clothes you’ve got in storage for next season, or outgrown kids’ clothing.

This Wardrobe and Closet Inventory is more than a well spent afternoon, it’s an education. I will complete a wardrobe inventory sheet that will become your road map to your personal style and help you to fill the gaps as you build a core wardrobe. A well designed personal clothing inventory example can help design personal clothing inventory example with unified style and layout. Copy over the template into excel and go to town ranking my own stuff and linking to my own personal prospective buys and the like wardrobe assessment i built a spreadsheet to help you take all personal property, regardless of how small the item, has value. Try one of the apps below to open or edit this item. Baby Clothes Inventory Template.xlsx. Baby Clothes Inventory Template.xlsx. Open. I figured it was time to do a closet inventory to figure out where I’m at after a year of purging and buying items that fit better and that better fit my personal style. Wardrobe Inventory Spreadsheet PDF Format Free Download. Update excel inventory spreadsheet daily. Log new inventory shipment into excel spreadsheet. Wardrobe Manager is an easy to use costume inventory and wardrobe assembly software system for Mac and Windows PC. Wardrobe Mistresses and Masters, managing enormous clothing inventories had few options to accurately track clothing location, condition, alterations, assignments and dates worn, sound familiar? Because there wasn t a software program that met the needs of the wardrobe professional, they were left to use paper and pencil and an occasional spreadsheet.