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I received a warning that my mailbox is too full. What do I do? E-mail messages on plato are handled in the following manner. There is a mail spool area in a common location where all the individual inboxes are kept and there are folders. Warning: Large mailbox: root (51218465) ———————- sendmail-largeboxes (large mail spool files) End ————————-. I have started receiving the following Outlook Warning Message: Your IMAP Server wants to alert you to the.

warning large mailbox 2CentOS 5.1 being used as Email Server using Postfix as MTA and logwatch report server status everyday including users with large mailbox. Does anyone know? I want to include details of our archiving system and the guidelines for retention (and removal) of emails in Exchange. This is what this warning usually means: Target folder not found. I have had that happen on smaller mailboxes and larger ones were fine.

The report is showing a warning that a mailbox is not provisioned. If the archiving policy specifies not to archive such large messages then these messages will not be archived and no amount of archiving will ever achieve quota. Despite the trend towards very large mailboxes Exchange Server still creates new mailbox databases with a relatively small default quota of around 2GB. A very large quota that is effectively unlimited is better, in my opinion. Database Defaults: False Warning Quota: 1.88 GB (2,019,086,336 bytes) Prohibit Send Quota: 1.

Setting Sendmail-largeboxes In Logwatch Report

Plugins. Quota warning. If user suddenly receives a huge mail and the quota jumps from 85 to 95, only the 95 script is executed. To delete all sent mail in Outlook, right-click the Sent mailbox and select Delete All key. The issue warning quota message shown earlier in Figure 1-6 in part one of this article will not be seen by the user unless the issue warning quota is set to at least 50 of the value set for the prohibit send quota.

Exchange Mailbox Archiving Reports: Frequently Asked Questions