Water Based Furniture Paint (DIY Project Download)

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Water-based paints typically contain a binder made of a combination of latex. When finishing furniture with any product, proper wood preparation is essential. Painting a wooden piece of furniture can be a daunting proposition for most of us, but knowing the right primer and paint to use can remove most of the drama. Latex paint, which is a water-based product, is very easy to work with, dries quickly, and doesn’t leave a lingering odor like oil-based paints. Three Methods:Prepping the FurnitureApplying Primer and PaintFinishing the JobCommunity Q&A. After painting with water-based paints, simply rinse brushes thoroughly with warm water and soap.

water based furniture paint 2The only exception to my dislike of non-water based paint, is if I have an especially shiny old baked on finish on furniture like the armoire, or a piece of Bali furniture that bleed heavily (like the white bench I painted recently) I will use a Zinsser Oil based primer or shellac based BIN. The best part is no top coat is needed and unlike water-based latex, the oil-based finish can go 5-10 years without needing to be repainted. Optional protective coat: polycrylic or clear furniture wax.

Fusion is a 100 acrylic, water-based paint. The mineral in Fusion Mineral Paint refers to the pigments used which are harvested from the earth. This is a long indepth article on how to paint pine furniture. It is written by professional furniture painters, and aimed at plucky DIY who want to have a go at doing this properly. (Everything worth knowing about Oil v acrylic eggshell) Oil paint can be rubbed back and varnished if required. Generally though, the water based approach is favourite for paint effects. For the sake of the enviroment we should all really be using water based acrylic eggshell paint to paint our furniture, waterbased paint dries in half of the time and gives off far fewer noxious odours.

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water based furniture paint 3Dear Miss Kate, I can tell you like to paint furniture and you have been doing it for a few years, and I’m very thankful for all our tips. Either way, choose a water based/latex based poly and get to work! For the first few pieces of painted furniture I did, I had no idea what a topcoat was or that I was supposed to use one to seal and protect furniture. Water Based Eggshell 750ml. Decorative Furniture Paint 1ltr Kitchen And Bathroom 2. A water-based paint available in a choice of soft matt finish emulsion ideal for interior walls and ceilings, a low sheen eggshell finish for use on interior woodwork and decorative furniture, a gloss finish for use on interior woodwork and a moisture-res. Learn how to paint furniture with lots of tips and tricks. Make sure it’s water-based if your paint is water-based latex paint is water-based. Find the satin & gloss paint you need for your next project at Homebase. These durable products offer a lovely finish on a number of surfaces. Buy online now.

Fusion Mineral Based Furniture Paint

Milk Paints can be used alone or mixed with any other product in the General Finishes Water Based line, including Wood Stains and Topcoats. Have you ever spent time painting a piece of furniture, painting your walls, cabinets, or anything at all; then somehow mucked up your paint job because it hadn t dried or cured properly? Bey. Water Based/Latex Paint Dry Time 1-2 hours Cure Time 21-30 days. If you’re starting a faux finish on furniture, a good recommendation is that you could use water based paints and simply top coat it with an oil varnish. Then you’ll have the protection you want without having to use too much oil. You need water-based polycrylic on your newly painted furniture, cabinets, etc.

Note: It’s perfectly fine, in fact preferable, to use a water-based paint over an oil-based primer.