Water Closet H Game (DIY Project Download)

A multi-character, multi-path game. This game allows you to choose one of five different female characters and play through different scenarios from that. Bishoujo Game Review of Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber. Including full screenshots, genres, streaming clips and trailers. Plus hundreds of other Anime, Hentai, Erotic Doujinshi and Bishoujo Game reviews! A fantastic and fresh game concept, and a first for the English-speaking bishoujo market, Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber is an in-depth exploration of the most forbidden erotic themes ever conceived. A great bishoujo title with a great game engine, an excellent CD soundtrack, and full voice, using the original high-quality Japanese voice actresses of the Japan release! With some of the most erotic computer graphics ever seen, Water Closet has the nastiest CG visuals you’ve ever seen.

affordable daybed with trundle 2Ok im pretty sure i’ll get kicked for this but isnt it tradition for a asian console to get atleast 1 hentai game? i posted this here cause well i dont want other gp32 users kicking my ass altho you guys will d a good enough job hehe But yeah what do u guys think of a h-game on the gp32? h34r:. Many of Peach Princess’ releases, such as Brave Soul, Tokimeki Check-In!, Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber, and the X-Change series, were developed by Crowd, a Japanese bish jo game studio. Companies based in San Diego, California Hentai companies Video game companies of the United States. And actually, water closet got a pretty high rating from www.animetric.com. You can’t say that this site doesn’t have the expertise cause they review lots of em and water closet is one of the few hentai games to get four stars.

Now you can rule Westeros from the water closet. H/T Digg Screengrab vai AWEme/YouTube. Download DmonHiro’s Hentai Game CG Collection – Volume 01 torrent or any other torrent from the Other Pictures. Last week there were a couple of games that brought up the question of what actually counts as a game. One of them shouldn’t have, because it turned out to be a passing ice-cream truck. The other was Katawa Shoujo, which occasionally teetered on the edge of that which people were willing to tolerate that a reviewer could be bored by a slightly creepy visual novel about dating definitely-not-underage-at-all disabled girls without being some kind of illiterate, word-hating dunce.

Gp32 Hentai Game

Dalam bahasa Inggris disebut Adult-Bishoujo Game. Permainan video yang bernuansa hentai seperti Paradise Heights, Nocturnal Illusion, X-Change, Water Closet, dan sebagainya. Sama halnya seperti permainan video lainnya, hentai mempunyai genre tersendiri seperti komedi (X-Change, Amy’s Fantasies), 100 Sex (Fatal Relation, Water Closet, Sensei), love-story (Snow Drop, Private Nurse), simulasi (The Maid’s Story, True Love), dan RPG (Brave Soul). Granted, most hentai games turned into non-pr0n anime have sucked the milky white substance that usually coats the female characters’ crotches during the love scenes in the games from which they originally came from.

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