Water Closet System (DIY Project Download)

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Define water closet. water closet synonyms, water closet pronunciation, water closet translation, English dictionary definition of water closet. A legislator in Maine has come out of the water closet with an idea to limit sprawl: tax every toilet connected to a new septic system installed after Jan. The water was flushed by a direct line from a storage tank hidden high above, usually in the attic. The first Americans awarded a patent for a water closet are James T. Often abbreviated as W.C., a water closet differs from a bathroom in that. When combined with sewage management systems, they also cut down on communicable disease by keeping human waste out of waterways.

water closet system 2July 10, 1928. A HANAMANN WATER CLOSET SYSTEM Filed Nov. 8, 1925 Patented July 10, 19228. UNITED sr’res ANTON HANAMANN, VIENNA, AUSTRIA. A modern convenience, these luxury Toilets flush with as little as one pint of water, using a convenient foot pedal. Made of the finest porcelain china and optionally available in a wonderful array of contemporary colors, white and bone are included standard with Low Water Remote Systems.

Patent Us1676550

Water Closet