Watercolor Travel Easel (DIY Project Download)

The ‘En Plein Air Pro’ easel is a must for every watercolor artist who loves to paint outdoors! It fits perfectly in a small computer or carry-on bag for traveling. As a watercolor painter, I have found that most easels and plein air pochade boxes that are currently on the market are designed for oil or acrylic painters which are merely labeled as being compatible with watercolor techniques and materials. Judith Repke says: I would like suggestions on how to travel with large sheets of watercolor paper. Portable and Field Easels are designed for artists who plan on traveling with their easels, need to be able to easily move them around their studio, or who want to plein air paint. Many are for vertical painting, but some do lay flat for watercolor work.

watercolor travel easel 2Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff offers a variety of easels designed for artists who love to work outdoors, in plein air. Cheap Joe’s Travel Light Easels. I have been searching for a while for a travel easel that is light weight, easy to pack, affordable, has easy access to palette and water, and actually works. The Travel Series watercolor easel features a palette tray with cup holder, a brush holder and water pail hook. The advanced series has a larger easel work surface, and our unique palette shelf with molded color wells and mixing areas.

Discover a great selection of travel easels and pochade boxes at the best discount prices online only at Jerry’s. Shop for Travel and Outdoor Easels. Many watercolorists work on a flat surface such as a table. I work that way only if I have no choice. Instead, I prefer to work with my paper upright like an oil painter, or at the very least, tilted at an angle. Watercolor and Oil Painting Easels for Travel or Workshops. Lightweight yet durable, the En Plein Air Pro watercolor easel sets up in minutes, giving you a secure work platform.

Outdoor Plein Air Easels

watercolor travel easel 3Vtg Artist Art Plein Air Travel Paint Sketch Wood Box Easel Dovetail Case. Acrylic. Separates into two 14-3/4 sections for traveling. Lite-Weight Painter’s Package for Watercolor, Pastel, Oil and Acrylic. SunEden Lite & Stable Easel. I wanted a lighter and much smaller one. After seeing Alvaro’s travel easel that a friend made for him from a tripod, I decided to do the same. It has an enameled steel case with 18 colors and a tiny travel brush. Of all the clips and clamps that I’ve tried, these seem to be the most versatile for holding the book open or clipping the watercolor box to the easel. Shop for Soho Urban Artist SoHo Watercolor Travel and Photo Easel Set. On sale for 132.99. Find it at BHG.com Shop. French box and travel easels were developed as the perfect tool for this outdoor art creation! Lightweight, portable, and easy to set up or take down, many French and travel easels come with sketch boxes to carry materials.

Travel And Outdoor Easels

It comes with an easel and palette combination box, a professional tripod, brush holder, two hooks. The EASyL-Pro is idea for oil or watercolor. EASyL Lite is suitable for travel to workshops across the country or to your favorite painting site. The Italia is a light weight aluminum easel developed for use by both watercolor and canvas artists. I had seen Alvaro Castagnet working with a similar easel and wanted to try to make one myself. His works have been in print and exhibitions internationally, and his interests vary widely from watercolor to digital design, fiction, and travel writing. Related searches: watercolor dvd, watercolor brushes, watercolor travel, drawing board, sketch box, field easel, photography books, brown leather jacket.