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For years dancers have been asking for one place to discover the best music for dancing West Coast Swing, but have had to figure it out for themselves Not any more!. TOP WEST COAST SWING DANCE SONGS. Print out these hot song picks from America’s Favorite Swing Deejays! We’ve invited some of America’s top Swing deejays to list the hottest songs being played at Swing dance events throughout the country so we can take the Music Pulse of America. A list of great West Coast Swing Songs. Find your favourite dance music on promotedancing.com.

west coast swing dance music 28tracks radio. Online, everywhere. – stream 14 west coast swing playlists including dance, pop, and Maroon 5 music from your desktop or mobile device. One of the greatest features of west coast swing is the variety of music that fits the dance. This list is designed for beginning dancers, so that you can get a taste of the different musical styles available within WCS. The origins of the dance that became known as West Coast Swing can be traced to the swing era. During this period many jazz, blues, and western musicians incorporated, or emphasized, the swing in their music.

Swing (West Coast Swing). A collection of contemporary west coast swing music. Nick’s Current Top Ten. Unranked, by style. West Coast Swing is a contemporary style of swing developed forty years ago on the West Coast California. Michael Kielbasa + Naomi Hulbert // West Coast Swing Improv to Hip-Hop Song. by dancejunkiebc. Song Chris Brown Feat Akon Came. Ben McHenry and Cameo Cross 3rd Place Classic US Open Swing Dance Championships 2014.

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west coast swing dance music 3Listen online to RadioWCS in France. West Coast Swing top songs: Blues, Pop, R&B, Acoustic, Soul, Rock, Jazz, Country. West Coast Swing videos, music, technique, and patterns. These swing sets brings together under one roof beginner, intermediate and advanced Lindy, East Coast Swing Jitterbug and West Coast Swing dancers. Many of these songs gained their induction into the west coast swing community through a particular routine, competition or epic social dance. Today, West Coast Swing is a very popular dance worldwide, done to blues and contemporary R’nB and pop music. WCS is known in particular for being a very versatile dance that can be adapted to many styles of music. Kirkland Dance Center – 835 7th Ave., Kirkland, Washington. SONG SCOUT SATURDAYS. Start with your choice of either a Basics and Beyond or an Intermediate West Coast Swing lesson at 8 PM.

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This name appears in a Cab Calloway song of the early 1930s. Where exactly West Coast Swing became a separate dance is not exactly clear, but happened somewhere in the 1940s. West Coast Swing in San Diego and Surrounding Areas. List Compiled by Ron Ford & Mike Lock. Time: 2PM Dance Class (ECS), 2:45PM DJ music (variety of dances) 4 to 6PM Down Beat Big Band Admission: 10. Learn West Coast Swing at Nuroc Dance Company with Charles and Michelle Gil. The hugely popular dance style called West Coast Swing is direct from the U.S.A – see why the U. West Coast Swing has a huge emphasis on connection between the partners as well as improvisation and personal interpretation to the music!