What Can I Do With An Old Wooden Ironing Board (DIY Project Download)

what can i do with an old wooden ironing board 1

Laundry Sign by Gypsy Barn – I have one of those ironing board – I could do something with it – nice. Milk Can with Sunflowers painted on ironing board. OLD VINTAGE FOLDING WOOD IRONING BOARD WOODEN TABLE BENCH DECOR. This is a primitive ironing board that would make a lovely decor display piece rather than a functional piece. Last week I found a fabulous wooden ironing board at an estate sale. There are lots of other uses for these vintage gems besides ironing.

what can i do with an old wooden ironing board 2A friend gave me an old wooden ironing board that is cracked. I’ll take a pic of it before I start fixing it–then I can do the after someday! LOL. Many of these projects are so easy to do and you can complete them in less than a day. If you can find an old wooden ironing board at a flea market or yard sale, grab it. Ancestors of the ironing board include, in the West, the whalebone smoothing boards buried with Viking ladies, and in the East, the stone slabs used with Korean ironing sticks. Nothing to do with large feathered wings, but a dense scarlet fabric used to cover ironing tables.

I suspect our ironing board will outlive us since we use it that rarely (in fact we were utterly shocked to find we had one we thought it had gone to the furniture charity shop before we moved house). I’m always on the lookout for one of the old heavy wooden ones. Shop outside the big box, with unique items for wood ironing board from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy. You can check out all the rest of my projects HERE. I love an entry way table for a drop station for all things front door, so I pulled out a vintage ironing board, married it to a like minded wood framed mirror, and the rest just fell into place. Do You Make This Common Thyroid Treatment Mistake?

How Can I Reuse Or Recycle Broken Ironing Boards?

what can i do with an old wooden ironing board 3If you have an old wooden ironing board around and some acrylic paints, you have everything you need to make your own handpainted wine bottle. What shape wine bottle, what kind of label, how big should the label be, what should I do for the top of the bottle. With a narrow profile, a vintage ironing board makes for the perfect side table in an awkward corner or small space. Above: A whitewashed wood ironing board from Vintage Farm Furnishings. I use the metel mesh kind outside in the summer as a place to put anything that needs to drain and drip dry after washing off, like silk flower arrangments, various things that can be hosed down, and of course potted plants. Do you remember the vintage ironing board I picked up last month? I knew exactly what I wanted to do with that area and I was anxious for him to get his monstrosity out of there!. I have been wanting to get my old wooden ironing board in the house but it needed a good clean. There’s not much room here so it’s not like there is a lot I can do. Vintage Retro Wooden Ironing Board Unusual Mechanism Needs Tlc. Laundry Items on Display/Theatre Props Item/Any Other Displays Many More Uses.

How Can I Reuse Or Recycle Broken Ironing Boards?

Amazing Ideas For Repurposing That Old Ironing Board. If you have a wooden board, you can create an antique-looking accent table to decorate your home. Please note that I am not a shop so I do not have opening hours, please give me a call or send me a text. Any items you have viewed recently will be displayed here. Old Wooden Ironing Board. Great for displaying items or as a sideboard in the dining room. Love your community. Enjoy buying and selling with people you can trust. The following are some of our favorite uses for old ironing boards. Drill a few holes in that old wooden ironing board and add some shelving. You can store many of your craft supplies on one of these.