What Causes Garage Door Spring To Break (DIY Project Download)

Rust is another common cause of garage door spring failure, particularly in wetter climates. Torsion springs play a very important role for your garage door. A garage door with a broken torsion spring can fall rapidly and cause injury or death. However, the most common danger comes when your torsion springs break and you decide to undertake the repair/replace them yourself. Top Reasons for Torsion Spring Failure on Garage Doors. If the spring being used with your door is not the specified spring length and wire size, it is likely to break and cause failure more quickly.

what causes garage door spring to break 2Don’t worry, you aren’t the first person this has happened too. Garage door springs break all the time, and especially now that it’s getting colder out. The springs seem to be breaking every 3 1/2 to 4 years. When a torsion spring on your garage door breaks, you shouldn’t think about trying to replace the spring yourself. I quickly started hunting around for the cause, and couldn’t find a thing.

I first noticed the symptom described by Mike above a couple of days back. If a garage door has two or more springs and one breaks, all springs should be replaced to maintain proper balance. It is rare for cables to break or need replacing when a garage door spring breaks. If your garage door has two torsion springs, the second spring will keep the cables tight and on the drums. This can cause the door to go up crooked or possibly get stuck in the tracks.

Broken Garage Door Spring

what causes garage door spring to break 3This is when the springs are under a significant load and that can cause a weak torsion spring to break when the life cycles have been exhausted. No one can predict exactly when a spring will break. Are you aware that after 6-8 years some parts on your garage door will begin to wear and possibly fail? Do you know what can happen? Our family found out the hard way, when our entire garage door. On all Clopay torsion sprung doors, the spring is installed around the torsion shaft so that, if a spring should break, it cannot snap free and cause damage or injury. Instructions to convert a single garage door torsion spring system to a double spring system. This causes a strong force to pull on the cables, often leading to one or two broken cables. A second spring helps to keep the tension when the first spring breaks, resulting in fewer broken cables and less damage to the garage door itself. Replacing broken torsion springs on a garage door. If your door has never worked quite right, something like this might be the cause. Assuming you are talking rollup garage door – issues similar but not as many parts on a tilt-up door. The easiest answer if you want to be reactive is replace the spring when the spring breaks if there is more than one replace all of them at the same time as they are on the same cycle life, if you are a proactive person then replace the spring when it is close to the end of its cycle life. This could be probably because the garage door slammed hard on the surface. One of the major causes of this may be a snapped garage door spring. Breaking of garage door springs is very dangerous especially when you are off guard.

Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring

As the door cycles up and down, the coils lose their strength and cause the spring to break. If these cables are frayed or worn, they are in danger of breaking, which can cause injury. Now that you know what causes your garage door spring to break, you should contact us when this happens and we will help restore your garage door spring with very little servicing cost. What causes a broken garage door spring? Garage door springs don’t last forever. Factory torsion and extension springs are usually only rated for 10,000 cycles and last about 5-10 years depending on how often the door is used and whether they are properly maintained. However when a spring breaks, the following problems can occur:.

The best way to avoid a surprise garage door spring break is to have your garage door regularly serviced. Both types of springs can be dangerous to repair, but torsion springs can cause very serious bodily injury with little warning. Factors that influence garage door torsion spring failure are moisture, oxygen, fatigue and age. Why Did My Garage Door Spring Break? When your garage door is closed, extension springs are under high tension. If the spring breaks with someone around, it may cause injury. A safety cable can keep a broken spring contained.