What Does S2s Lumber Mean (DIY Project Download)

S2S surfaced two sides, S3S surfaced three sides and s4s surfaced four sides. And did I mention you pay a huge premium for that milling service? Doesn’t that mean 3 sides need to have been surfaced (if the procedure is to joint a face, joint and edge, then plane the other face)? I thought both faces could not be guaranteed to be parallel if this was not the procedure. S3S boards are also available, meaning boards surfaced on three sides, but are generally less common than S2S and S4S. Essentially, if you pay the same price for a piece of S2S lumber as you do for a piece of S4S lumber, you will get more for your money with the S2S board, making it the more economical option. Surfacing of hardwood lumber has its own terminology, and once the wood is surfaced, the size changes. The hardness of the wood does not define hardwoods and softwoods.

what does s2s lumber mean 2Do you sell proprietary grade or HPVA grades of Hardwood Lumber? Are your MDF panels dual-refined? What does 4/4 mean? What is S2S? What is SLR1E? A quarter system is commonly used in the hardwood lumber industry when referring to thickness. Note that unlike softwood grades, hardwood grades do not indicate the strength of the board. I bet SLR1E means that in addition to S2S, one edge is straight so it’s ready for a table saw. Ok so im wondering it seems like these are all select or bette i wonder if these guys would ever sell quality or standard. does anyone else that has ordered stuff from a company like this if they tend to not bother with this kind of stuff.

Does ITL offer the ability to surface lumber to a specific thickness and straight line rip?. S2S means Surface Two Sides. SLR1E means Straight Line Rip One Edge. Rough lumber is sold based on its cost per bd. ft. Some species are more pricey than others, and thicker boards cost more per bd. If you do, you’re gonna come up short, because rough lumber isn’t perfect, not even top-grade boards. Refer to this lumber buying guide, which details what you need to know before you go. If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for and wouldn’t know how to ask for it even if you did, it’s easy to feel out of place. S2S means surfaced two sides.

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First a timber log will be sawn into common lumber sizes such as 100mm x 50mm (2×4). 6 detailed steps for accurate milling of lumber for any woodworking project. Even buying S2S or S4S from lumberyard does not guarantee me squared lumber. There are a lot of things to consider when buying lumber for your woodworking projects, and cost is certainly one of them. This means that the S2S lumber will be run through a table saw giving it either 1 or 2 straight but not jointed edges. I am sure the professionals do not mind being a pest. By rough, I mean that the lumber has not been processed in any way since it was sawed into planks and then dried. For example, S2S lumber has been surfaced on two sides (actually, on both faces) but the edges are still rough. Looking past the obvious benefits of purchasing prepared lumber (i.e. less work to do to the rough stock before it can be used on a project), there are several advantages to buying rough stock. Ready-surfaced lumber saves you the time it takes to plane and joint. I started with BORG lumber early on, but as you do more projects and bigger projects you will soon reap the benefits of surfacing the wood yourself. If you dont want to mess with a jig, get S2S SLR Which means they surfaced the top and bottom, and one side has been cut straight, so the last side thats rough can be cut with the tablesaw since the other side was SLR (aka straight line Rip) Once you decide you want tools get a planer.

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Hi All What order do you mill your lumber, say it’s S2S? Do you offer accounts to builders? WHAD soft maple (or AD Maple) does not have any piths or holes in its clear cuttings. S2S means Surface Two Sides. He said that 4/4 grade lumber is 1 1/8 inches thick. When you size lumber and are left with a pile of rippings, do you eat those or do you bill the customer for them? You will also pay for any lumber they plane off surfacing. From contributor T: If I order 100bf and want it s2s and sl, my supplier pulls 100bf rough lumber then mills it.