What Is Best To Put Under Swing Set (DIY Project Download)

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While our wooden swing sets are hand-crafted to eliminate unnecessary cuts and scrapes, we often hear the question What should I put under my swing set?. Recommended Materials to Put Under a Swing Set. We recommend putting rubber mats, wood chips, rubber mulch, pea gravel or sand under swing sets. Best Materials to Put Under your Swing Set See more about Swing Sets, Rubber Mulch and Mulches. We thought in the long run, it was a good long term investment. But you have to put it at the required depth, the same distance from all of the equipment as the fall height (i. i also suggest you put down at least 2 deeper material than you calculate based on (calculate the critical height at 6 depth but put down 8 actually) because there’s usually a lot of shifting and it’s hard to maintain the true full depth, especially under swings.

best place to get a swing set 2We’re putting a large swing set up and currently have half grass and half rock. DH wants to do sand under the whole thing, but I’m afraid it would be too messy? Maybe wood chips? I don’t know! What do you prefer?. Here’s my question: What do you suggest to put under the swingset? No doubt, best landing zone I ever had as a kid, worst was asphalt. Many of my friends just have grass under their swing set, but I was hoping the mulch would reduce the amount of weed whacking dh would have to do. The last batch of mulch we put in is too rough–some of those pieces of mulch are huge and it hurts to walk on them barefoot. BEST of luck in finding what works for your family!

We would love to put it under our play set for our grandchildren! Here at this camp, they have bark chips under one elongated structure that encompasses two tire swings, one little toddler swing, a pole, monkey bars, two straight slides, and one twisty slide. We’ve ordered a swing set that we’ll be putting up when spring finally arrives. We don’t know whether to just put it up on the grass or put wood chips or the expensive rubber mulch under it. Best of all, it is mostly splinterproof, so while you might get a few small slivers over a longer period of time, you won’t get those big chunks of wood-type splinters. What surfacing material do you have under your child’s outdoor playset? The mulch is good, but we can’t go on it barefoot, it’s pokey.

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Need Advice for What Kind of Material to Put Under New Playset! Imo the rubber mulch is best if you don’t want grass. We will probably just put a swingset on the lawn for our kid, because a sandbox without a cover becomes the neighborhood litterbox. The best thing under a swingset, however, is 2 feet of snow. To provide the best protection underneath the swing set, it’s important to follow any manufacturer instructions along with the CPSC Playground Safety Handbook recommendations. Any body have a good recipe for instant energy! We decided to spread rubber mulch under the swing set since a friend hooked us up with about 35 garbage bags full of the stuff for FREE. My hubby and I put in 3 retaining walls about 3 summers ago on our old place and decided that we know why landscapers quote what they do cause it’s almost worth paying every penny for someone else to come whip in with a crew and get it done and not have to mess with it. Some of the best learning experiences come from kids extending themselves. Guinness World Record Set For Longest Swing Set to Help 51 Families 02.05.2016. I’d never thought about putting sand under a playset. Learn why it’s wise to add a soft fall surface under your swing set. After all, sand, pea gravel, various mulches, and rubber padding can add up and put an extra dent in your wallet that you may not have budgeted for. Ok.gov, a 12 inch depth is a good guideline for equipment up to 8 ft. in height.

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It also won’t stay where you put it. IMHO, grass is best, and either live with the divots right under the swings, or stake the thing down with augers so you can move it every few weeks, intead of putting the legs in holes. We are going to be installing a playset for our kiddos somewhere on our grass lawn. What does Reddit think is the best kind of surface to put. We just have grass under our swing set. Everything else will end up in the house, and the swings are only 18 inches off the ground at the lowest point. My husband and I just put up a swing set for our daughter. Santa came early. We were thinking about putting something under it so i. Rubber is the best for your kids but gets super hot during the summer. Back to top. Reply. Play it safe with surface cushioning under swing sets. Good options include rubber mulch, wood mulch, sand, fine gravel or safety-tested rubber mats, which are more forgiving than grass and dirt, Nazario said. Although cheaper than mulch, sand and pea gravel have become less popular surfaces for backyard play sets because they don’t stay put as well, added Ace Hardware’s Lou Manfredini in Chicago.

I put down broken glass and rusted nails. Just kidding. The rubber mulch was the best. Just make sure you put down plastic underneath, or you will be weeding it everyday. I use bark mulch under my swing set. I thought about pea gravel, but my best friend has it & whenever her dh mows, it kicks it back up. I personally saw (three) too many incidents with pea gravel being put in children’s body parts (I think I shared that one boy at a preschool I worked at had to go to the ER to have 6 PIECES removed from one nostril). Our Playground Swing Mats are the perfect mats to use under swing sets and slides. You can get an exact charge when you take the mat(s) into our shopping cart and put in your zip code. They were good quality and the price was one of the best that I found.