What Size Tablecloth For 72 Rectangle Table (DIY Project Download)

If you know what size table you have and length of a drop you want, you can find out the tablecloth size you need by multiplying the drop length by 2, then adding the table diameter. For example, you have a standard 6 foot rectangular table, so the width is 30 inches and the length is 72 inches, and you have a 70×120 inch rectangular tablecloth. Tablecloth sizes for round, square, oblong, and rectangular tables by LinenTablecloth. Find the perfect size tablecloth for weddings and other events. A good general rule of thumb when measuring for a tablecloth is that the tablecloth should have a drop of 6-8 inches on all sides. (6 inches. 60×84 Oblong (Rectangular) Fits Table size Fits Table size 36×60 up to 48×72 that seats 6-8.

what size tablecloth for 72 rectangle table 2Ordinary dining: Add 12 inches for the drop to the table’s diameter to get the smallest tablecloth size. Add 20 inches to get the largest tablecloth size. 72 inch. 90 inch. 132 inch. Rectangle or Oval. 30 inch by 72 inch. 52 inch by 96 inch. 90 inch by 140 inch. Rectangle or Oval. Find the correct tablecloth size you need, or use our room size calculator for event planning. Tablecloth Size, Table Skirt Size. 72 inch (6 feet) diameter table. Tablecloth sizes. Unfortunately, they sometimes only sell by the dozen. Sources can be found by searching the internet. Square tables. Rectangular tables. Oval tables. Round tables.

To determine the size of your table cloth add the diameter plus the drop plus the drop. 60 inches + 6 inches + 6 inches 72 inches round. Let’s pretend the light green rectangle in the diagram to the left is the top of your rectangle table. Start by locating your table size in the left column. Then follow the chart to the right to determine sizes for mid-length, floor-length and overlay linen options. Click on the linen sizes for photos. 72 Round (seats 10), 108 Round, 132 Round, 90 x 90 108 Round. You can decide on a tablecloth size based on the type of occasion you’re planning. If you’re not buying a tablecloth for a special occasion, consider the number of people that usually sit at your table.

How To Choose The Right Tablecloth Size

Sizing Chart. Shows what tablecloth to use with what table size., also hang of tablecloths. Rectangular Tablecloths. The round table pictured above has a diameter of 72 inches. Note: finding the height for a round table is the same as a square or rectangular table; just measure from the table edge down to the floor. But knowing these dimensions can really help us figure out the best table linen sizes for our customers, especially since all tables are not made to the same specifications. Please use the sizing chart below to determine the best tablecloth shape and size for your table. Simply measure your table, find which table dimension it fits in, and choose the size listed next to it. Rectangle tables look best with rectangle tablecloths. Square tables look best with square tablecloths. Online shopping for tablecloths – Premier Linens has round, square, rectangle and oval Polyester tablecloth for all occasions. To order a special size tablecloth order the next largest size you see on the website. Then in the comments box on checkout let us know the exact size you need your tablecloth to be and we will manufacture to your specific size required at no extra charge to you. The linen size you will want for this table will be a 120 inch round linen. If you choose to have an overlay you will want it to be around 72 inches square. The tips will hang about three quarters of the way down. You can get the same square overlays for the rectangle tables. You will just want to turn them on a diagonal so they form a diamond shape on the top. Most tablecloths are made to suit a range of table sizes; measure your table and look on the back of the packages.

Exactly What Size Table Cloth Do I Need?

For example a standard 6 foot banquet table is 72 inches x 30 inches with a 30 inch drop to the floor.