What To Do With Extra Closet (DIY Project Download)

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Have an empty closet or nook where a closet used to be? You could transform it with one of these amazing ideas for almost any room. To store extra volumes while still keeping them on display, place books on the top shelf of the closet. If you’re a real bookworm, add a few more shelves and turn the space into a mini library. Take doors off their hinges, drop in a mattress, and nail up a few blankets for a cozy space to hang. ID: 4250091. For those of us who live in a home that doesn’t really require a mudroom (think the desert Southwest), it doesn’t mean we can’t have one. Take out the coat closet, and turn it into a nice area to hang purses, backpacks, coats and whatever else you may need. Use underneath storage or an additional dresser for clothes to make the space open yet cozy. More: 8 Clever ways to fake extra square footage in a small home.

what to do with extra closet 2Whether it’s a narrow cupboard for linen or a full-blown walk-in, a well-placed closet is one of the most coveted features of any house. But if storage isn’t an issue, these handy enclosures can be easily transformed into a variety of tiny, useful spaces for work and play. Closet doors can keep these fun spaces a secret, or they can be removed entirely to integrate an alcove into the larger room. Click through our online gallery to browse for ideas to inspire your own closet transformation. A home extension will provide you with a lot of new-found space. In our latest article we discuss the option of turning a spare room into a walk-in closet. Do you happen to have extra closet space? Have you been wondering what to do with it? We have 10 specific ideas on how to utilize that extra space in your home! Our ideas include some fun, kid-friendly suggestions as well as some necessary and heavenly suggestions.

It turns out you can put closet space to all sorts of creative uses, from creating a nursery to installing a mini kitchen. Change your walk-in closet into a nursery (here’s another nursery example). How To Do a Closet Makeover. When can I move in? If there is a storage space available that meets your specific storage needs you can move in anytime. What do I need to do when I move out? You would need to notify the office and remove your belongings and lock. Affordable, air conditioned self-storage solutions. That’s Extra Closet. What could you do with an Extra Closet? Whether you’re thinking about downsizing, moving into a new home, or are a college student looking for storage over the summer, we have a size for you.

Closet Ideas

what to do with extra closet 3This is not always the case. Storage facilities do offer a variety of units that vary in size. If you know you do not need more than a walk-in closet to keep extra belongings, you can rent just what you need and pay a reasonable monthly fee. Let’s say you have an extra closet in your hallway currently serving as a catchall forwell, everything, pretty much (guilty!). Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a magic wand and have it turn into a little office nook? Or a bookcase? Unlike charitable foundations and resale shops that take in your cast-offs and give you a tax write-off receipt in return, consignment shops sell your old clothes for you in exchange for a cut of the profit you make. Most shops have very exacting policies for what they’ll take and how they’ll sell it so you can get the most buck for your bang. Did not hear about a way to do the digital check-in or room selection. The recently made-over bathroom can’t hold all the extra toiletries either. I’m not even going to mention our linen closet. (Postage stamp.) So what to do? Fortunately we actually have a funny little closet up a few stairs just off the kitchen. Your Extra Closet is Starkville’s largest self storage operator with 3 locations in Starkville serving your self storage needs. Our Space Estimator How Much Space Do You Need? Use our Space Estimator! Try It Now. Unit Size What Fits?

Alternate Uses For Closet Space

I started thinking about my never-ending to-do list and asked myself, What would I do with an extra day? Did Elizabeth’s closet clean out inspire anyone else? If you read part three of Elizabeth’s series, she makes a list of investment pieces to keep an eye out for to add back into her closet. Winter clothes are bulky and take up three times more space than our summer clothes. This is definitely a problem when faced with small NYC closets! Today, we’re sharing five ways to make extra space where you didn’t think you had any. We had a little storage basket for them, but man, they seemed to always come out extra wrinkled and it really wasn’t the best way to keep them contained. All you need is a sturdy little shower cutain rod and you automatically have extra storage in your closet. Are you trying to figure out if your spare room should be an office or guest bedroom? Choose them both! California Closets New England can help maximize your room by designing an office space with a Murphy Bed. As you can see, when the bed is away, this room can function like a nice quiet.

When I first committed to my annual ritual of cleaning out my closet years ago, I experienced an instant pang of separation anxiety — the feeling that I simply couldn’t let go of these things in my closet, no matter how egregiously unfashionable they were. This realization led me to look into what I could do with those old clothes and I discovered that there were several options that offered a great financial upside and a solution for my guilt.