What To Put Down Under Swing Set (DIY Project Download)

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Tamp all down so everything is at ground level and safe for little ones. Rubber mat under swings so you don’t wear that mulched area down. also like the shape of the mulch area coming out around slide. I was told i have to get wood chips to put around it incase they fall, I think other options are sand/pebbles/rubber stuff, IDK, do I need to put something down and what is the best product, how expensive is it? haha when i was a kid i played on monkey bars with nothing but cement under it, but i think i have to put something down, at least while they’re little?.

what to put down under swing set 2We’re putting a large swing set up and currently have half grass and half rock. Whatever you decide to put down, put the plastic weed guard down first. But you have to put it at the required depth, the same distance from all of the equipment as the fall height (i. i also suggest you put down at least 2 deeper material than you calculate based on (calculate the critical height at 6 depth but put down 8 actually) because there’s usually a lot of shifting and it’s hard to maintain the true full depth, especially under swings. Many of my friends just have grass under their swing set, but I was hoping the mulch would reduce the amount of weed whacking dh would have to do. But maybe I could rake out some of the mulch, put down weed control fabric, mix the mulch with other stuff to soften it up, and spread it back over the fabric.

We’ve ordered a swing set that we’ll be putting up when spring finally arrives. We don’t know whether to just put it up on the grass or put wood chips or the expensive rubber mulch under it. You can rake it out every two or three years and put a fresh layer down. We have just installed a wooden swing set and would like to dig out an area around it and add something (mulch, pea gravel, playground mulch, etc. Pointy gravel–what was under my school’s playground. 3. Zoom in to view higher resolution data (available down to the block group level). The very best thing to put under a swing set is rubber mulch which is made specifically for that purpose. I will only be able to tell you that once we get to AZ. But Down town Disney is inland and it doesn’t get as humid as it gets here in Tampa.

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what to put down under swing set 3Here’s my question: What do you suggest to put under the swingset? It’s softer than wood chips or pea stone, no splinters, cheaper than rubber chips, and will help keep weeds down. However, it gets packed down with wetness and our playset is under trees. So, they never are dried out by the sun. We would love to put it under our play set for our grandchildren! The gravel was deep enough that our youngest kids could put their arms down into the gravel, and it would easily cover their elbows. Here at this camp, they have bark chips under one elongated structure that encompasses two tire swings, one little toddler swing, a pole, monkey bars, two straight slides, and one twisty slide. I’d also water it down before the kids go to play on it so it’s not too hot to their little feet. As far as where to get it, I think Lowe’s or Home Depot would have it. I was worried sand would pack down hard. At least gravel shifts. I don’t think it’d track in the house, the swingset is a ways out there, by the time they got to the house it’d have fallen off, unless they got a shoe-full or something. We decided to spread rubber mulch under the swing set since a friend hooked us up with about 35 garbage bags full of the stuff for FREE. My hubby and I put in 3 retaining walls about 3 summers ago on our old place and decided that we know why landscapers quote what they do cause it’s almost worth paying every penny for someone else to come whip in with a crew and get it done and not have to mess with it.

Playground Material Suggestions?

Not having the proper material beneath a swing set poses a safety hazard for children jumping or falling from the equipment. It’s important to use a depth of at least nine inches of this type material, since lesser depths can shift and compact down too much, according to the CPSC. For child safety, put a mulch of ground rubber, pea gravel or wood chips under outdoor playground equipment — all work well. Guinness World Record Set For Longest Swing Set to Help 51 Families 02.05.2016. You still sometimes find concrete under play equipment in old public playgrounds, and the only winners here are the local medical centres, who gain unnecessary young clients. I’d never thought about putting sand under a playset. Learn why it’s wise to add a soft fall surface under your swing set. After all, sand, pea gravel, various mulches, and rubber padding can add up and put an extra dent in your wallet that you may not have budgeted for. Most playground sets with swings, slides and other enticing features are made from plastic, metal or wood. Using natural grass as a ground cover option provides a natural look that many homeowners prefer and is a popular choice for under backyard play structures, particularly since this often means simply placing the play set on an existing lawn.

I had sand under my kid’s swing set, but it wasn’t in the lawn area. So even putting down double layers of landscape fabric and mulch, in 3 years I’ll have a mess of weeds plus I’ll continue to have that expense of mulch every couple years. It’s important to install a shock-absorbing surface under all play sets. With this material, nearly anyone can put down a safe play surface in a matter of hours. How Much Does it Cost to Install a Playground or Swing Set? Those who want the easiest option for a swing set or playground equipment ranging from slides to monkey bars can opt to buy pre-made sets that only need to be put together rather than built. Grass and soil may be fine for most of the yard, but they may not provide enough padding under playsets.