Wheelchair Accessible Swings (DIY Project Download)

Handicap-accessible playground equipment from AAA State of Play lets kids with special needs join the fun. Adaptive Swing Seat Replacement Harness. Play parks without proper wheelchair access and equipment suitable for all visitors including those with special needs are starting to seem like relics from the past. The play equipment includes accessible swings, musical instruments, and a slide that’s fine for children with cochlear hearing implants. The official site of the innovative and award-winning Liberty Swing the world’s safest and most recognised swing for children and adults in wheelchairs.

wheelchair accessible swings 2The wheelchair platform and single swing frame from TFH enables wheelchair users of all ages to safely enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of playing on a swing. Made to suit most types of manual wheelchair, the platform is easily accessible via an integral ramp and an Unwin locking system secures the wheelchair in place. Shop for ADA Wheelchair Swings at S&S Worldwide. Swing freely with wheelchair accessible swings. Wheelchair accessible swings are specially designed to accommodate both adult and juvenile wheelchairs, even motorized wheel chairs. Playground features include ramped play equipment, ground level play features, accessible swings, wheelchair-accessible tables, and drinking fountains.

But what happens when a playground is not accessible? WhisperGLIDE Wheelchair Accessible Swings. Click the links in the image below to find out more about our generous sponsor, WhisperGLIDE Wheelchair Accessible Swings!. SINGAPORE: A wheelchair-accessible swing and merry-go-round, together with a special slide and sand table are among the features introduced on Saturday (Aug 22) at Singapore’s first inclusive playground.

Wheelchair Platform

Accessible sand pit. A transfer station allows children to transfer from wheelchairs into the accessible sand pit. All abilities swing seat. SportsPlay is proud to feature an accessible molded swing seat that is shaped to hold children in a supine position. A truly unique product is our Wheelchair Swing Platform that allows the entire wheelchair to swing. A Hammersmith mum is raising money for a wheelchair accessible swing as she campaigns to make local parks more accessible for disabled children. The park equipment includes a rotating net, arch swing, wheelchair accessible merry-go-round, see-saw, diggers and spinners. Due to its location just south of the Courtenay Airpark, the Rotary Skypark has an airplane theme, with an airplane climber, and a gazebo that kids can pretend is their very own air-traffic control tower. Wheelchair Accessible Playground EquipmentUniversal Design Style. The iSwing has been designed to provide a play opportunity not often granted to children who rely on wheelchairs in their daily lives, and is a play activity not to be underestimated.

Access To Play

Ballina Engineering are experts in the manufacturing and fitting of wheelchair accessible playground equipment including swing sets, rocker gliders, go-kart trailers, ball slides and ball stands.