Wheelchair Swing Platform (DIY Project Download)

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Wheelchair Platform Swing Pull Chair Attachment provides independence to wheelchair client by allowing them to propel themselves by simply pulling the chain while on a swing platform. A truly unique product is our Wheelchair Swing Platform that allows the entire wheelchair to swing. As such, the design of our swing platform eliminates the need for difficult wheelchair transition. These Wheelchair Swing Platforms are designed to be able to accommodate adult and juvenile standard or motorized wheelchairs, allowing wheelchair users to enjoy the same swinging activity as all of their peers.

wheelchair swing platform 2The wheelchair platform and single swing frame from TFH enables wheelchair users of all ages to safely enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of playing on a swing. Frame, 2 end bays are 7′ long, with Molded ADA swing seat on left, adult wheelchair swing platform with pull chain attachment on right, the middle 11′ long bay has one belt seat plus one Jenn-Sw-ADA swing: (SHOWN ABOVE). The Adult Swing Platform is a wheelchair swing designed to enable children and adults who use wheelchairs to swing without leaving the wheelchair.

These accessible Wheelchair Swing Platforms have been specially designed to accommodate both adult and juvenile wheelchairs, even motorized wheelchairs! Wheelchair Platform Swing with Frame Swings e-Special Needs See more about Wheelchairs, Swings and Platform. Wheelchair accessible swings are specially designed to accommodate both adult and juvenile wheelchairs, even motorized wheel chairs.

Wheelchair Platform

wheelchair swing platform 3The Wheelchair Swing Platform is featured for adults or juveniles. Optional pull chain enables users to enter, propel themselves and exit on their own. The font ramp allows easy access. Accessible swings have been specially designed to accommodate both adult and juvenile wheelchairs, even motorized wheel chairs. Wheelchair Swing w/Frame Adult Platform, To fro Hanger SportsPlay See more about Wheelchairs, Swings and Hangers. Weatherproof platform can be raised and lowered with the ratchets that are included. Should be fitted only to a TFH Single Swing Frame (0815-87-302) not included. Wheelchair Swing Platform from SportsPlay enables children as well as adults with special needs to have some fun on the swing. It is affordable and easy to operate too. This Wheelchair Swing Platform is available in juvenile and adult models. The front ramp allows the user easy access onto and off of platform and the rear ramp is locked in the upright position.


Swing platform is best for use with wheelchairsEasily accessible front and rear ramps to move up and downOptional pull chain for self-propellingAvailable in a. Large Swing Platform is 32 x 38 (81.3cm x 96.5cm). Chains are vinyl covered. Heavy-duty platform holds large or power wheelchair upright. 32W x 38L (81. Wheelchair swings allow individuals in wheelchairs to swing without exiting their standard or powered wheelchairs. Additionally, platform swings allow individuals who do not use a wheelchair and require more intense stimulation to swing freely in a 360 footprint. Buy Sportsplay Wheelchair Swing Platform – Adult at Walmart.com.

Sportsplay Wheelchair Swing Platform – Adult – Everyone can have a swingin’ good time with the Sportsplay Wheelchair Swing Platform – Adult. The front and back ramps move up and down for accessibil.