Where Can I Get Driftwood For My Aquarium (DIY Project Download)

It’s possible, what you’re going to want to do is water-log the wood so that it sinks. If it’s a small piece, you can drastically shorten the time it takes to water-log it by boiling it constantly for one to three days depending on how hard the wood is. Before placing driftwood in your aquarium, plan your aquascape and then clean, soak, and boil the driftwood to cure it, leach out tannins, and kill bacteria and fungi. I am asking because I want to buy some for my new tank but my local options are petco and petsmart and they just have small. Driftwood sold for aquarium use is either dense enough to sink even if it’s dry or it’s screwed to a piece of slate to weigh it down.

where can i get driftwood for my aquarium 2So I’m thinking of going to my local rivers or lakes to collect some driftwoods. I live in Vancouver, BC Canada. So I’m thinking about collecting them from the Capilano River, Fraser River or from one of the many lakes around here. I’m at the point with my new aquarium that I have to decide if I want some new wood, or just use the pieces from the old tank (which my XXL pleco has chewed down to almost nothing!). I went to the LFS spent 50 and got me some really nice driftwood that still leached tanins into my water. That’s why you see some driftwood with large slate weights on the end in pet stores. For those of you starting out in the world of planted aquariums, I’ve picked my top three mistakes I’ve seen people make when start.

Shop from the world’s largest selection and best deals for Aquarium Driftwood/Root. Shop with confidence on eBay! Driftwood can be an esthetically pleasing addition to the aquarium environment. Driftwood, as most of us call it, can be very useful in an aquarium. My hunk of wood hasn’t made a large enough dip in the pH that it even shows up on my test kit.

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Driftwood is safe if it doesn’t decay, however decay of some level can be accepted! In my own aquariums I sometimes find putrescence. Although it doesn’t mean that fish are going to die. I have done some study on putting driftwood into aquariums, and I know the full process of preparing/curing the wood for the aquarium once you get. My requirements for wood: – It needs to be branchy. One of the most attractive ways you can decorate an aquarium involves a combination of driftwood and live plants. It is important to consider how aquarium driftwood will affect your fish before adding driftwood to your tank. Then I placed my prize piece of dead driftwood root that I collected in the tank to sink. It floats very nice thank you. It is too big to boil in a pot so I poured several gallons of boiling water on it before this. Topic: I bought a piece of driftwood from my local pet store and want to put it into my fish aquarium. The employee told me that adding the wood might effect my water parameters or hurt certain fish species in my aquarium.


NOTE: the wood has been in my aquarium with no problems for 7 months. I have a piece of driftwood that I would like to put in my aquarium, but I’m not sure if it would be harmful to the fish. Whenever I try soaking it, the water always turns a brownish yellow. Hi ever since ive added driftwood in my tank, which ive purchased from my LFS my water turns brown. Did the water change, changed the water in the filter, and i also boiled the heck out of the wood. Driftwood seems like a perfect accessory for a saltwater aquarium, being plentiful and looking pretty natural. But chucking pieces you’ve collected from the beach straight into your tank is a recipe.

A much sought after wood in the aquarium trade, Manzanita is a naturally forking hardwood that adds beauty and character to any aquascape. I try to get each piece to look like something that I myself would like to have in one of my own aquariums. It’s Mac’s heat treated driftwood from Petsmart, and (since it was already heat treated) I specifically asked the Petsmart girl if I would need to boil it or anything before I put it in. I’ve boiled driftwood for my aquarium before and the pieces I had in my first turtle tank with no problems at all. Articles, tips and links about tropical fish and aquariums. Aquarium driftwood is a piece of wood that has been broken off by tides, waves, or winds that have washed onto the beach of a lake, sea, or river. However, the driftwood provides food and cover for some fish, birds, and other creatures living near or in water as it can also float in the ocean or rivers.