Where Do You Put The Cable Box On A Wall Mounted Tv Over A Fireplace (DIY Project Download)

I’m moving into a new place and I’m looking at installing a wall mounted TV above the fireplace. So far the leading idea I have is to build a false wall above the Mantle, where I can run the wires and put a recessed TV mount like this:. The problem I have with that is placing my equipment (cable box, xbox, etc). Forum discussion: I have a wall mounted TV above a fireplace with no place to put a cable box. What are my options with Charter service? I am mounting a flat screen TV over my fireplace and the cable and electric receptacles are several feet away. I’d rather mount my TV on a regular wall and just stick with putting a piece of art over the fireplace. TV sits atop a clean cabinet top, all wires drop behind the cabinet, playstation, cable box, DVDs, CDs, and surround sound box all inside the cabinet, with the speakers on the sides of it.

where do you put the cable box on a wall mounted tv over a fireplace 2Got a tip to share for mounting a TV above a fireplace? How to get a cord free mantle: hiding your cable box. So we over here at Dream Book Design have a TV above our fireplace, which we installed here. One thing we were worried about when we decided to mount the TV on the wall is what to do with all of the cords, wires, cable box, and other system components. The TV won’t be mounted very high, and seating is about 15 feet away.

My question is, where do you put the dvd player and cable box? It isn’t that high, and the TV isn’t mounted on the wall but standing on the TV stand on top of the fireplace facade. How to Mount a TV Over a Brick Fireplace (and Hide the Wires). Flat Screen TV Wall Mount suited to the size of TV (will tell on box what range of sizes will accommodate). Thank you so much for this post, but where did you put the cable box? The fireplace prevents running the cables straight down the wall and the stud framing prevents running the cables laterally inside the wall.

Thinking About A Tv Above The Fireplace? Pro Tips To Consider

So avoid the fireplace and find another wall to mount it lower, or set it on an entertainment center. Mount some shelves on the wall on either side of the tv. Of course if your television is being hung above a fireplace, you might want to run those cables discretely down the wall off to the side. We put a cabinet above the tv for all our dvd/Wii/cable box needs. A cute decorative box is always in style, and with some modification, it can put those cords out of sight! (via Simplette). I would prefer to put the equipment in a section of a wall that is bumped-in because closets are on the other side of the wall. We were planning to mount the TV above the fireplace. I’m pretty sure our gas fireplace has oodles of room for the wiring behind the wall, so the electrical and cable outlets won’t be a big problem, but I can’t figure out where to put the cable box and DVD player. LCD TV installation over fireplace, Plasma TV installation over firepace, LED TV installation over fireplace. Cable box is installed in cabinet as shown in this picture. Hide your cable, DVR, or satellite box with a TV wall mount from Innovative Americans! Perfect for a fireplace or outdoor TV mount. Put your cable box behind your TV!.

Does Anyone Have A Flat Screen Above Their Fireplace? I Have Questions

TV wall mounted over fireplace can make the room feel cozy and look nice. I’m intending to put my non-TV media equipment on the right side of the wall and the television above the fireplace. I don’t want to just run an HDMI cable in the wall. It’s also worth pointing out that hanging a fireplace above a TV isn’t a great idea: the TV can be harmed by the heat; it’s hard on your neck; and the image quality can suffer because of off-axis viewing. I have a console next to the fireplace for cable box, surround sound amp, PS3,DVD, etc. Mounting a TV on the wall makes a lot of sense for most people, as it frees up space in the home and, generally speaking, is a practical move. They can be one of the most helpful tools in the box, or the reason you put 10 holes in the wall without hitting a stud. If you can’t hide cables inside the wall, then try installing paintable wire channel. All of the tips listed come from years of firsthand experience mounting hundreds of TVs on wood studs, steel studs, plaster, brick, from the ceiling, above a fireplace, you name it. Tv installation above fireplace can be a very difficult home project so let California Custom Installation mount your tv above your fireplace. Question:Where do i put my cable box, DTV, or DVD player when I mount my tv above my fireplace?.

The cable (from your cable provider) coming from your wall, the big one that screws on, won’t give your TV all the HD channels you (hopefully) get. Home-theater-in-a-box systems (HTiBs) are much better, but your best bet is an inexpensive receiver and some speakers. Everyone also wants to put their TV over the fireplace. Or any other way to mount a TV to sheetrock/drywall. If you mount your tv in this location where do you put your components(satellite box, game systems, dvd player)? On both sides of the fireplace are windows and I really don’t want to cover these up with a bookcase. We have a plug for it all on the wall that is perpendicular to the fireplace wall. Then we built a shelf above the mantle and below the TV to store our blu ray, bose wave radio, and cable box. We’re looking to mount a TV above our fireplace. The question is, where should I put the DVR box and blue ray player? The wall behind the TV will heat up quite a bit whenever the fireplace is on, which will add to the heat already coming off the TV. If you still want to keep the TV mounted above the fireplace then you need to drill a hole and try to run a single HDMI cable up to your TV. Should I Install My TV Over the Fireplace? Ensure that you have plenty of physical insulation so that wiring located behind the wall and adjacent to the chimney isn’t heated beyond manufacturer’s recommended levels. If you sit too close or are otherwise craning your neck at an excessive angle, then mounting a TV above the fireplace may not be such a hot idea (we were waiting for a chance to use that pun).