Where To Put Cat Box (DIY Project Download)

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Put the bin in plain sight. This might mean you’ll have to walk around the box for a couple of weeks, until your cat is used to using it. Once your cat is comfortable visiting the box in that room, slowly move it one inch a day to a position that is more convenient for you but where your cat will still use it, says Nagelschneider. The cat has their privacy, and no one else has to see the litter box. If you put the litter box against a wall, make sure that there is enough space between the furniture and the wall for the cat to walk and turn around. Make sure to put some kind of mat in front of the box to catch litter. My roomie keeps the catbox in the bathroom under the sink (there’s no cabinets – the sink is old-fashioned pedestal affair).

where to put cat box 2How clever, and a great way to have a litter box in your home without having to hide it away. Ideally, I would get a sliding door pet insert and put it out outside. One probelm she is facing is where to put the litter box. She doesn’t want it out in the open, aka in the living room, dining room or kitchen, and her new bathroom is too small. You barely need DIYing skills to create this covered litter box. Just put two wine crates together and cut a whole in the side large enough for kitty to get through.

Not to mention we can’t put in bathroom rugs with the litterbox there because the litter would get in the rug. So, where do you keep your indoor kittys’ litter boxes? Have more than one litter box per cat, and clean each one daily. If you’re not sure what type of litter to use, put several types out, including clumping and non-clumping, and see which your cats prefer. Put it in the bottom of a cardboard box, and cut an entrance in one side.

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where to put cat box 3That is usually an issue with getting a cat, where to put the box. For the indoor cat, that means you need to provide it with a litter box and litter. Learn more about the causes behind common litter box problems. Put your cat’s food bowls somewhere other than right next to her litter box. Remove covers and liners from all litter boxes.

Where Do You Put Your Litter Box For Indoor Kitties?