Where To Put The Litter Box (DIY Project Download)

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Cat parents find creative places to put litter boxes. Some of these locations encourage good litter box habits, others do not. Although medical issues, stress, litter box choices, and poor maintenance can also cause cats to eliminate in unwanted places, litter box placement plays an important role in the boxes’ use. Although you might think that training a cat to use a litter box is similar to house training a dog, that’s not actually the case: Cats are naturally inclined to eliminate waste by pawing through a sand-like substance in a private location. My BF and I are having a bit of a row as to where to place the litter box. I live in a fairly normal size 3 bed terrace and he wants to put it in the kitchen/diner? I have it in the bathroom as thats where everyone else does their business! But he thinks this is dirty.

where to put the litter box 2Where should I put the litter box? From the litter box FAQs. You may not think where you put the litter box matters, but In terms of your cat’s comfort, choosing the right location for your litter box can be paramount. Taking shortcuts when it comes to setting up and maintaining a litter box will put you on a slippery slope toward being the cat parent of a cat with a litter box aversion problem.

This is annoying me. I keep my cats’ litter box in my bathroom. They track litter all over the place and it gets quite annoy and messy when I get out of the shower and walking around with slightly damp feet on cat litter. Take the doors off the vanity in the bathroom, put the box in there and put a curtain up. I use arm and hammer cat litter. i wonder if there’s a better one out there that minimizes my kitty tracking sand all over the place?. Deciding where to put your cat’s litter box can be difficult. Learn about where the best litter box locations are here.

Where To Put The Cat Litter Box

Not to mention we can’t put in bathroom rugs with the litterbox there because the litter would get in the rug. So, where do you keep your indoor kittys’ litter boxes?. Make sure the box is not in a noisy or hard-to-reach place. Soon after you bring your kitten home, take her to the litter box at a quiet time. Place her into the litter box, gently take her front paws and show her how to scratch at the litter once or twice. Especially when you have a large cat who can’t fit in a small litter box and a dog who considers cat poop a delicacy. Couldnt you simplify this by putting your existing litter pan in the outer tub? Finding the perfect location for your litter box is not always an easy task. Setting up a place that makes you and your cat happy does not have to be impossible. Your new cat is adorable and sweet, but nobody wants to see or smell their litter box. Many pet parents struggle with figuring out where in their home to place their new cat’s litter box. Your cat can be experiencing physical dis-ease which makes the litter box a decidedly unfriendly place. He or she could also be reacting to environmental stress/anxiety, which can include problems with other cats or dogs, children, feral cats outside threatening their territorial security, etc.

Cats & Apartments: Where Do You Keep Your Litter Box?

Upon your kitten’s arrival in her new home, immediately show her where her litter boxes are located. Watch your kitten closely at first and be sure to put her in there after meals if you see her sniffing around, crouching or generally behaving like she needs to go. Litter box problems for cats can be diverse and complex. To help your cat pick her preferred litter, put a few boxes side-by-side with different types of litter in them. Obviously they do not make litter boxes for pigs so you need to improvise. Or, if your pig has his own room, put the litter in the opposite side of the room from their bed. Urine-training involves little more than putting a litterbox where the rabbit chooses to go. Pill training requires only that you give them a place they know will not be invaded by others.

Never place litter boxes next to the cat’s food and water dishes. In fact, avoid having these at the same room altogether. This goes back to the need to eliminate away from the nest. However, if one of your cats begins soiling outside the litter box, that can be an indicator that you need another box (or have a urinary tract/medical problem that may require a trip to the vet). If you do place the litter box in a place you hardly use, just remember that the box is there and still needs regular cleaning. Stops cat litter tracking. Keeps dogs out. Hides kitty litter box. Made in USA high quality cabinet easy to clean from top lid. Solutions to litter issues.