Where To Store Firewood Outside (DIY Project Download)

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There’s nothing better than a crackling fire on a chilly night, except maybe not having to go back outside for more f. A firewood shed is a great way to store firewood once it is dry. But wood will often dry faster if it is outside exposed to the sun and wind, when the weather is dry. Stacking wood isn’t my favorite thing to do – but if it looks nice in the end, it’s worth the effort. See more about Firewood, Wood Storage and Firewood Storage.

where to store firewood outside 2Firewood is sold by the cord, which is a stack of wood 4 feet high, 4 feet deep and 8 feet long (128 cubic feet). Ideally, consider creating an outdoor storage shed for your firewood, with a raised floor, a sloped roof for runoff, and open sides for easy access and unimpeded air circulation. I also read a pest site that said never store inside because you’re basically inviting pests in. Humans have been storing fire wood outside for 100000 years. If you do want to stack and store logs outside, which is fine, stack your seasoned firewood neatly like we do, against a wall or the back of the house very regimentally and then its only the top logs which will get wet.

The best time to decide where to stack a load of firewood is before the delivery arrives. The longer wood sits up against, or in close proximity to the outside walls of your house, the more opportunities insects find to explore entry points. Stacking a wood pile against a privacy fence or a storage building invites insect damage, and it also deters air from circulating around the wood. While storing firewood outside in winter may seem simple, making one wrong decision can ruin the wood and even one’s home. Taking a few extra steps before the weather turns cold can help ensure that homeowners stay safe and warm until spring. The firewood may then be stacked for storage and use as below. The weight can then be used in the edges of the plastic sheeting during drying, and to hold down a tarp if the wood is stored outside.

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It is recommended that firewood be stored at least 3 feet from a structure. If it is then piled outdoors, the insects can crawl out from the wood to begin infesting and breeding in new areas. Outside of your house or shed, stack the firewood off the ground. A homemade or store bought log rack should be kept a few inches off the ground. This will keep the wood dry and further protect it from insects. For obvious reasons, storing firewood inside of your house isn’t usually an option. While you can store your firewood outside, this will expose it to the elements. The process of properly storing your firewood outside begins with the initial cutting of the wood. The timing is also important because it can take up to a year for wood to dry, though between six and nine months is more typical. The best place to store firewood is outdoors, covered with a tarp or inside a woodshed. Choose an outside storage area that is at least 25 feet away from your house.

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