White Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes (DIY Project Download)

Cotton-Filled Jewelry Boxes – White 2 x 1 x. 2 x 1 x Color: White Swirl Cotton Fiber Filled Case of 100. SKU 87301. At JewelryPackaging.com, we offer a wide selection of cotton-filled boxes in a variety of sizes & styles. White Cotton Filled Boxes – Available in 8 Popular Sizes. Made in America – USA. Cotton filled in a variety of styles and colors for retail jewelry packaging. White Swirl Embossed Jewelry Boxes with cotton fill. USA made.

white cotton filled jewelry boxes 2White Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes-White Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes (case 100). Our Aqua jewelry boxes are filled with one piece of white non-tarnishing cotton. The exterior top and bottom are wrapped in a smooth, matte finish. (more).

White Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes

Classic Cotton-filled Jewelry Boxes