White Porcelain Door Handles (DIY Project Download)

Give your home a wonderfully old-fashioned touch with the pure and simple charm of white porcelain door knobs. Traditional round rosettes in seven popular finishes complete the vintage look. Antique White Porcelain Door Knobs w/ Roses & Metal Lock Set. 18.00. Vintage White Porcelain Door Knob Rosette Salvaged And 2 Rosettes Hardware.

white porcelain door handles 2Gainsborough Puritan Dummy Door Knob White Porcelain & Brass Accent. Shop decorative glass and porcelain knobs from Van Dyke’s Restorers®. Door Hardware. Siro Cabinet Hardware Baton Rouge 33mm White Porcelain Knob. Siro Cabinet Hardware Baton Rouge 33mm Crackled White Porcelain Knob.

The classic touch of the White Porcelain Knob is a simple, yet vintage look with both the beauty and durability of porcelain knobs popular from the 1800s. Zangra.com is a Belgian webboutique selling authentic items such as white porcelain door handles from Limoges. Gainsborough Puritan Dummy Door Knob White Porcelain & Brass Accent Gainsborough, GAINSBOROUGH Interior Locking BISQUE PORCELAIN & SATIN NICKEL Door Knob Set, Ultra Hardware Gainsborough Whitehall Leverline Series White Porcelain & Chrome Bed & Bath Door, Gainsborough GENUINE PORCELAIN Door Knob Set (LOCKING Bed & Bath, BISQUE (Off-White) Porcelain & SATIN NICKEL), and more. Gainsborough Passage Door Knob Set Porcelain Knob Focus White 3 Sets Nip.

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Nostalgic White Porcelain Knob