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It will go away after a few days. Pale stools can mean liver problems, so if it persists for a while, you should see a doctor. RN here- white colored stools are a sign of a liver problem- usually bile duct blockage. My son started having pale yellow stools right after I switched him from formula to whole milk. She was at the doctor a week after she started drinking milk for her one year old check-up. If the color of your baby’s stools stay chalky white, there may be no bile from the liver to digest the food.

white stool after drinking milk 2My 3 year old son has been having white/clay colored stools. But i thought it might have been normal because all her drinks is milk and only eats particular foods. BUT if you find white poop again, go to doctor after doctor dont stop until you find an answer. Children can have all sorts of different colored stools, most of which are perfectly normal and due to the foods that they ate that day. An all-milk diet can sometimes cause white stools. My 1 Year Old Has White Poop After Switching to Whole Milk. It’s my guess he’s drinking more milk and soft foods than he’s eating foods with a lot of color.

My 13 month daughter has been having white or pale yellow stools. I also noticed this difference in my daughters stool after switching her to cows milk but it did not last very long and she is just fine now with normal looking stool once again. He drinks alot of water and snacks on fruit throughout the day. All Communities July 2009 is whole milk making my son’s poop white? If it continues you could try either reducing the amount of whole milk she drinks or go back to breast milk or formula and see if that changes anything. White stool is NOT normal and you should be consulting your health care professional about this. It happened after I. White stool or white dysentery can be normal in children and is often due to milk or a milk by-p. To prevent dehydration, the child needs to drink water and mineral salts. At night she hit fever and her stool became white for three days she was hit by diarrhea (3–4)times a day but without any vomiting. we took her to family doctor with the stool analysis and after checking he told us that it is bacterial stool please advise me because i am worried about my lovely granddaughter thank you for your generosity with beast regards.

3 Year Old Colored Stools! Help!

Doctor insights on: Can Drinking Too Much Milk Cause Your Stool Light Yellow. Pale stools suggests failure to absorb fat. We are the only mammals that consume milk after our childhood, and large amounts of milk are really not healthy for us, mostly from the fat and cholesterol that is in it. I did have her drink a lot of water right after, about 10 to 12 ounces. Sorry for the delay! I won the 60 quid! i lied and said i was drinking 10 pints of milk a day and eating nothing but white food. It is probable that the pale stools are related to the diarrhoea and sickness that your son had last week. However if he now seems much more normal, and is eating and drinking and active, then I am sure it will be ok to wait a few days, and if the stools return to normal, you will not need to worry further. Hi my little boy is nearly 2 he has this every now and then when he has too much cows milk in one day but it soon sorts itself out after a day hope this helps x. If your stools are pale or clay-colored, you may have a problem with the drainage of your biliary system, which is comprised of your gallbl. Damage to the liver from excessive drinking can lead to ALD. Years of alcohol abuse cause the liver to become inflamed and swollen. Breast milk jaundice is associated with breast-feeding. Most cases clear up on their own after a few weeks. Brown is so last year as a baby poop color, and your infant knows it. Occasionally you may also see little white seeds sprinkled around. Firstly, I discovered the mothers milk tea I drank was making her poop extra loose and I stopped drinking that.


If you eat mostly white food you will get mostly white poop. Other causes of white feces may be x-rays of the digestive tract which require you to drink a chalky substance with barium in it. White poop can be caused also by eating only milk products. Urine does have an ammonia odor if that is what you are referring to and may be stronger if you are not drinking enough liquids or have a diet high is certain foods. But I’m not sure it constitutes as ‘white’ poop. There is before suppository picture and then the messier one is after suppository. Yellowish stool comes from drinking a lot of milk!!! I’m not really sure I’m FTM too and I just wanted to try and help u. White Stool Information Including Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, Videos, Forums, and local community support. Find answers to health issues you can trust from Healthgrades.

My son had that happen twice after eating some white powdered donuts. Called back but I didn’t answer the phone in time and didn’t want to page him again- my mommy spidey sense stopped going off at that point He’s in daycare during the week, so he must’ve eaten something weird Friday perhaps. He also drinks a ton of cows milk (who knows- it’s white ). It was more than ten years after his symptoms had first appeared that he finally discovered the real cause of his troubles. Paris Hilton parades her slim figure in a white lace minidress with sheer panelling as she emerges from private yacht in Cannes. Smearing a piece of stool on white paper and looking at it under a bright light often confirms that the color is actually dark green. Eliminate the suspected food or drink from the diet. Clay-colored white stools in children are harmless as it is a sign of malabsorption during and post-viral gastrointestinal infections. She wasn’t feeling too good and would only drink milk. At first I assumed it was a virus and after three days I started feeling a bit better. A. Pale poop is a warning signal and should always be brought promptly to a doctor’s attention. When we stopped the ingestion of milk and waited for the virus to run its course, the white poop stopped. The hard white stools is an indication that he or she is not digesting his or her milk properly. But could she develop a milk allergy this late? She is fine eating cheese and yogurt and other dairy products but seems to be throwing up after drinking milk. The consistency, texture and color of your stool are helpful barometers of your well-being, so make sure to take a peek into the bowl. What does white stool signify? To treat acute cases of diarrhea, replenish your fluids with an electrolyte replacement drink. I get the clean sweep, where you don’t even have to wipe after the thing. Yellow/ mustard- seedy, Baby is eating breast milk, No. Traveller’s diarrhoea is diarrhoea that develops during, or shortly after, you have travelled abroad. Symptoms of severe dehydration in children include: drowsiness, pale or mottled skin, cold hands or feet, very few wet nappies, fast (but often shallow) breathing.