Why Is It Bad To Have Your Bed Facing The Door (DIY Project Download)

This creates shar chi (bad chi) because you have just created poison arrows by creating sharp angles. If you have no choice and must place your bed directly opposite the door, then consider using a screen or room divider to create a false wall. Why is a bed in line with a door not good feng shui for my bedroom? Is Having a Bed Under a Window Bad Feng Shui? For example, if you can only sleep with your feet facing the door to be in a really solid position in your bedroom, then so it shall be. You can keep your door closed and put up a screen at the foot of your bed to create more of a wall.

why is it bad to have your bed facing the door 2That’s why sleeping with feet facing the door is bad. My bed also facing door, what my mom tell me is, put something between the bed and door, so when you open your eyes, you wont see the door straight away. Lying in bed with your soles directly facing the door is called the coffin position. The bedroom, in particular, is a place believed to have an effect on your health, happiness and ability to save money. It’s also believed that when you sleep with your feet facing the bedroom door, you’ll feel restless and dissatisfied at home, and a sense of relaxation will escape you. Whether sleeping with your feet toward the door actually brings bad luck may be a superstitious matter, but there is something you can do to avoid waking up on the wrong side of the bed: Sleep on the left side.

10: Clearing your clutter is very important in the bedroom, wardrobes, under beds and behind doors get very stale and need to be cleared often to ensure good energy. With this poor placement of the bed, it will cause the person sleeping to have nightmare and bad luck. 1) now facing the only window in my apartment: a sliding glass patio door that takes up almost an entire wall. Personally, I’d rather be away from the door so that I have more privacy with guests, and so I’m not so distracted by folks walking back and forth and having little conversations in the hallway.

Sleeping With Feet Facing The

The best Feng Shui position for your bed is the Command Position, where you can easily see the door but don t face it directly. One solution is to add a footboard to your bed, but footboards aren t always ideal for a number of reasons: they can make you feel trapped, there may not be enough space to add one, or maybe they re just not your style. Okay, what exactly do you mean by command position? Option 1 Ensure your bed has to have a solid and high footboard. Always sleep with your head towards one of your best directions, selecting the direction that corresponds to what you desire most wealth, health, love or personal growth. For a good feng shui bed placement you must always have your head and feet pointing to a solid wall not a window or door. There is nothing wrong with feet pointing to closet door. Avoid having the bed directly facing the door. The wall against which the bed leans should not have a window directly above the head of the bed. To rest against a solid wall is to have support. Bad Bed Placement. A headboard facing away from the main door, or a bed angled precisely perpendicular to the door each create a placement problem with different consequences for chi, or energy, flow. Put an arresting nightstand with a showoff lamp — one with a large shade — between the bed and the door. The main bedroom door is a primary concern when you are placing your bed in the room, but don’t overlook the other doors. The farther your bed sits from the door, the more control you can feel over your space and your life. You aren’t startled easily, and you have plenty of time to prepare for events as they unfold.

Feng Shui For The Bedroom

A solid wall and headboard make this bed fully supportive and very good feng shui. Whether relationship problems, financial difficulties or coping with one kind of crisis after another, having the bed on the same wall as the door will create an endless string of problems and bad luck. While you are drifting off to sleep, your body is going into an extra busy energy repair work on many levels. Generally, the beds that have built-in storage drawers underneath to help you with storage solutions are considered bad Feng Shui beds. Make sure the bed is positioned as far from the door as possible. Be it the bedroom door, the door to the balcony/patio, the bathroom door or your closet doors, you do not want your bed in line with any of the doors in your bedroom, or too much chi will flow towards the bed. Feng Shui Consequences of Mirror Facing Your Bed. If you have large pieces of mirror on the closet door that faces the bed, have you ever asked yourself, Did that sound from the closet?. A mirror facing and reflecting your bed will send harsh Chi towards you making you feel uneasy and restless. It is bad to have the bed directly facing a door or window as Chi will rapidly flow into the bed when trying to sleep.

Never sleep with your feet to the door: Susan de Muth in bed with Derek Walters. I have an ancient Chinese astronomical map which I refer to and it’s marvellous to see the same things in the sky that were recorded 2,000 years ago. As a child, an eastern prospect will give you the energy of sunrise; as an old person, facing west will give you the tranquillity of the setting sun. For instance, It is bad luck to point your feet at the door, and other such beliefs. However, it is much better to have your head under a window, than your bed in an unfavorable position. It’s bad luck to sleep facing a mirror. Understand what makes a bad feng shui bedroom layout (and be sure to avoid it in your own bedroom!). The best positioning of the bed is defined by the placement of doors and windows in your specific bedroom, and there can be quite a few variations of their placement in any given space. Turning a feather bed on a Sunday gives the people who use it bad dreams for a week. If a bed is placed facing north and south, it also brings misfortune. Foot of the bed placed toward the door. North Pillow: If you put your head to the north when you sleep, you will have bad luck because (in Japan) only dead people lie with their head to the north. In Feng Shui terms, your front door, your bedroom and the siting of your cooker are the 3 most important considerations. The worst possible scenario is to have your bedroom facing or close to the front door. Try to position your bed as far from the door as possible but at the same time with a good view of the door from where you sleep. As you know, the door is entry of feng shui energy, if you place bed facing the door directly. The energy flow will disturb you, you will get bad sleeping.