Wicking Bed Construction (DIY Project Download)

If someone could please tell me how to build the box above with the same wood given in the instructions, that would be amazing. Wicking beds are a unique and increasingly popular way to grow vegetables. For our bed we chose to use cedar planks to build the above-ground bed and we made a small dugout to contain the gravel. A wicking bed is an excellent technique for growing things in environments where water is scarce. This allows you to build wicking beds nearly three times deeper than is generally accepted (300mm of sand or gravel then 300mm of soil) and so can plant trees and deeper rooted plants.

wicking bed soil mix 2A wicking bed is simply a huge version of the self-watering pots that were popular years. This was mostly due to carelessness during construction and was easily – if messily – repairable. We went down the path of investigating wicking beds. However once damaged, your bed will not hold water; the use of plastic effects your choice of spacer as piercing the bed early in construction would be a disaster; the plastic adds nothing positive to the soil in the long-term and the plastic needs to be removed and disposed of at the end of bed life. Here’s a step-by-step guide: How to build a wicking bed to conserve water and maximise food production. Sam designed and constructed this ‘Wicking Bed’ while studying permaculture at Djanbung Gardens in Australia.

This Pin was discovered by Scarecrow Oz. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. See more about Wicked, Beds and Construction. Join us at HannaLeigh Farm, in Spicewood, to learn how to build a low cost, nice looking wicking bed. We will also discuss the use of compost tea as fertilizer and how to brew it. I am thinking about doing some wicking beds. What are the pros and cons? Can soil ecology successfully develop in these things? Would I be better off. If I build them up on gravel foundations in the shallows of a pond, would it work? Of course, keeping the water level constant would be difficult.

Wicking Beds

wicking bed soil mix 3Wicking beds work like a big sand sponge as water moves from the bottom to the top and then wets the soil that the vegies are growing in. All up it cost about 875 to build and plant out one of the three garden beds. Wicking beds are not only easy to build but they are also one of the most water efficient ways to garden. Come and learn the how to how to build your own and reap the rewards for months to come at this interactive workshop.

Basic Wicking Bed Construction