Wind Up Music Box Kit (DIY Project Download)

wind up music box kit 1

A clever wind up music box movement sure to amuse both old and young. Wind-up the little handle to turn the metal drum. As the drum turns, tiny pins catch and ping on th. 18 NOTE WINDUP MUSIC BOX MOVEMENTS PLAY FOR UP TO THREE FULL MINUTES. SELECT FROM THE MOST POPULAR CLASSIC AND CLASSICAL MELODIES. Huge selection of wind-up musical movements, music box movements, compact voice recorders and music box animation accessories.

wind up music box kit 2I recently purchased a DIY music box kit from a website which I will not link to here. WIND UP MUSIC BOX! on Scratch by Jacksepticeye123. Antique Music Boxes, Sewing Kit, Vintage Sewing Boxes, Antique Sewing.

Platform Key (wind up turntable key) for Musical Mechanisms1.75. Handmade and hand painted by artist Kerri Lee, these vintage-inspired music boxes feature a wooden knob, illustrated with little woodland creatures, that spins round-and-round as the music box plays Love Makes the World Go ‘Round.


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