Windex Wood Floors (DIY Project Download)

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Learn how to use Windex to clean your hardwood floors. It is great for removing filmy residue. Cleaning your wood floors is very simple. For over 30 years we have recommended Windex window cleaner without amonia or Bona wood floor cleaner or distilled water. Wood floors are made from an organic material that continues to be affected by its environment and the maintenance materials you choose to apply to it. After reading online, I tried Windex, which does seem to remove the wax, but due to my health, I am unable to finish the job due to problems breathing the ammonia in the Windex.

windex wood floors 2Vinegar/Windex works best after a good cleaning of loose dirt. What hardwood floor cleaner really works for cleaning up a wood floor that appears dull and has residue on it? I can’t refinish it right now. I put some water and Windex in a spray bottle and spray the mix on a soft terry cloth mop. Does anyone know what damage Windex can do to engineered hardwood floors? It seems to be the only product that works for me and doesn’t leave streaks and mark up by simply walking on it? I have used both Bona Swedish Formula and Swifter Wet Jet which were disastrous as they show every foot step and dog print.

What should I use that would clean and disinfect wood floors? If you have sealed prefabed wood floors like ours, believe it or not, you can use 1 cup of windex to 1 gallon of hot water. Cleaning Hardwood Floors With Windex. Keeping hardwood floors clean is one of the easiest household tasks there are for some, but to others it is a very frustrating challenge. Those hardwood floors of yours sure are beautiful. Are there any tricks to cleaning them?. Not sure what effect continued use of Windex will have on the wood finish.

How To Clean Wood Floors?

bleach wood floors 3Any ideas to removing cloudiness from manufactured wood floors that is probably caused by Orange Glow hardwood floor cleaner?. On traditional poly floors, Windex shouldn’t be used – it will build up on the poly. With a little TLC, caring for hardwood floors is easy. Follow these guidelines to care for polyurethane, oiled, and waxed wood flooring. You indicate that Windex is ok for polyurethaned wood floors, but then state that ammonia should not be used. Do Windex bottles contain recycled plastic? What ingredients are in Windex Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaners? Can both products be used on wood? Don’t use products made for wood floors as it could damage it. Do not clean it with products that leave a residue and it can settle in the cracks and make the floor squeak, not to mention dull or damage the finish. Windex. Windex, it turns out, does a good job on Pergo floors. Windex is an effective cleaner for many types of jewelry. Do NOT do this for wood floors or other surfaces that ammonia cleaners should not be applied to. Home remedies for cleaning your beautiful laminate floors. Spray the Windex onto the Swiffer or dry mop and not directly onto the laminate floors. This is an excellent product when cleaning laminate flooring.

How To Clean Wood Floors?

The quickest and most effective way to clean hardwood floors is with a damp mop. I mix 1 part windex with 9 parts of water, spray the floor and mop it, then dry it with a cotton towel. Make sure at no point you leave the Windex or water sitting on the floor. When I first moved into my house I went absolutely crazy researching the best ways to clean my beloved granite, my beautiful wood floors, and everything in between. The image above is a picture of Washing Wood Floors With Windex for you to look at. Expectantly it can give you a tiny pleasant further idea to improve your understanding on house lay out and design.

Cleaning Wood Laminates Homemade Floor Cleaners Tools, Tricks, and Techniques for No Wax Floors Removing Urine Stains on Hardwood Floors Cleaning Laminate Floors. Removing Urine Stains on Hardwood Floors Cleaning Laminate Floors. After sweeping or vacuuming, I spray the Windex on a small area and then use a dry Swiffer sheet (or a paper towel) attached to my Swiffer mop to clean the area.