Window Box Garden Ideas (DIY Project Download)

Create window boxes that add beauty to your home, garage, or shed with these easy plant-by-number ideas. Thinking about making a window box garden this year? Here are some of our best ideas and tips to get you started:. Beautiful gardens in miniaturethat’s the essential appeal of window boxes. Bright Mini Garden Window Box.

window box garden ideas 2Use these easy gardening ideas for window boxes to transform the look of your home. Like any garden planting, a window box comes with its own set of design considerations. Its close tie to the house is one. A few rays of sun plus some containers or window boxes are all you need for a small-space harvest of herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers.

H&G garden editor Claire Foster shares her advice for beautifying the exterior of your house with plants. Discover garden ideas on HOUSE – design, food and travel by House & Garden. Window boxes are perfect for growing culinary herbs. Many of them grow well in confined spaces, and window boxes provide the good drainage essential to most herbs. This is an extraordinary, how to plant a window box garden tutorial with terrific photos and tips for container gardening success.

18 Fun Gardening Ideas For Your Window Boxes

Embrace spring blooms with these ideas for freshening your window box. Learn how to create a window box container garden with this step-by-step guide from Container gardening is a great way to get into organic gardening. So it’s a good idea to choose compatible plants, just as anyone who has ever kept an aquarium knows to select fish that get along. Create this beautiful Fall window box for your home to celebrate the new season. Armstrong Garden Centers has everything you need to make this DIY and create a beautiful Fall garden. Copy these simple ideas or use them to fire your imagination. Small Space Gardens. Strictly speaking, window boxes do not come under the gardening category of planting or landscaping the grounds, but in a vital way window boxes serve to tie the house to the lawn and gardens and thus help to produce the immediate effect of a harmonious space.

Climbing Plants

This is a wonderful gift for anyone who’d love to grow some of their own salads and herbs, but has little or no garden space; a ready-made, organically-grown garden of baby plants, ready to plant out into window boxes or pots on the patio or balcony. Gardening in window boxes is great for urban gardeners and those who don’t have the time or resources to grow food in a larger space. Everywhere you turn in the garden center there are vibrant flowers, striking foliage, and tremendous textures to pick from. Here are a few ideas for great window box combinations and some tips for success. You can have flowers and fresh vegetables all summer long with urban window box gardens. But what do you do with it when winter comes?

Fill a window box to enjoy as part of your kitchen window.