Winter Window Box (DIY Project Download)

winter window box 1

Martha Stewart creates winter window boxes full of evergreens and attaches them to the outside of the house. Town houses need window boxes in a way that country houses do not. So don’t let them wither in winter: there are plenty of things to plant. Faux lead box. lavender & cyclamen. Purple haze. hebe & cyclamen. Rapunzel. cyclamen & fern. Winter gold. euonymus. Winter warmer. cordyline & cyclamen.

winter window box 2Have a great display in your windowboxes and containers with Constance Craig Smith’s choice of the ten best plants for winter colour. When your summer flowers are spent, and window displays are looking bedraggled and dull, give them a quick makeover with colorful evergreens that will last the course through the coldest winter. Water your box once or twice a week in winter, and more frequently in spring. The onset of chilly winter weather doesn’t mean a window box must look boring, sad and forlorn until it’s time to fill the box with colorful spring and summer flowers.

Autumn and winter window boxes can be as colorful and lively as spring and summer boxes if you choose the right plants. The plants in window boxes are used as annuals and changed with the seasons. Design a window box Gardening Guides from BBC Gardening. Most garden centres stock a good range of annuals, and although there are more varieties to choose from in spring and summer, you should have no problem finding plants to grow in autumn and over winter. Our winter collection of evergreens for planters and window boxes.

Ten Of The Best Window Box Plants

winter window box 3When my window boxes start to flag in fall, I turn to Kathy Pufahl for encouragement, advice and a quick fix. Herbs like thyme, parsley, sage, chervil, horehound and winter savory are also unscathed by cold. Click to enlarge We asked Jeff Wallitsch of Wallitsch Nursery & Garden Center to help us with a few questions on winter window boxes. Jeff and his company are the creatives behind the window boxes on the front of our showroom. Some gardens will look a little bleak over autumn and winter, but plant some pots or window boxes for a show of colour that will banish the winter blues. But what do you do with it when winter comes? How do you keep it from looking drab? Learn more here about window flower boxes in winter. A perfect display for your festive tablecentre or window area. Ceramic trough with mirror finish, filled with a mix of deep red roses, hydrangea blooms, winter berries, rosehips, pine branches and lotus seed heads. Winter need not be a dull period for garden colour. Window boxes and hanging baskets can be planted up with colourful plants to fill the gap.

Autumn & Winter Window Boxes

Winter flowers found at The Window Box Flower Shop in Wahoo NE. Find flower arrangments with great winter flowers at The Window Box Flower Shop. I dressed the Potting Shed window boxes for winter with greenery and snowflakes! My window boxes looked a little bare and in need of decoration after I removed the red ornaments from Christmas. Brighten up your windowsills this winter with containers filled with a variety of colourful leafy evergreens and pretty flowers.