Wood Blocks Instrument (DIY Project Download)

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Buy Drums & Percussion for the Beginner to the Professional Musician at Cascio Interstate Music. Browse Wood Blocks, plus get Free Shipping on thousands on musical instruments & accessories. Claves and wood blocks have been around making music for a long time. The wood block and claves are still hugely popular with any percussionist and are great for children to improve timing and tempo. Wood blocks and temple blocks come in all sorts of sizes, and we’ve got a vast selection. Choose from birch, mahogany, cherry, single-slotted, double-slotted, or more! We carry many prestigious brands, including Black Swamp, Grover Pro, Latin Percussion, and Ron Vaughn Percussion.

wood blocks instrument 2Tycoon Temple Wood Blocks are available in 5 sizes as well as in a complete set. Wood Block with Mallet: Suzuki rhythm Instruments offer you a refreshing alternative to the old style painted rhythm Instruments of yesterday. Suzuki quality crafts each Instrument from selected hardWoods in exciting oversized designs that make the Instrument easier to hold and give each Instrument a large distinctive sound. Timber Drum Company Solid American Hardwood Wood Block Timber Drum Company is a small workshop dedicated to crafting MADE IN USA instruments.

Wood Blocks. BACK TO OVERVIEW prev SONOR Instruments Percussion Small Percussion Wood Blocks. Temple Wood Block Latino Wood Block. A wood block is a percussion instrument identified by its rectangular box shape and open sides. It can be struck with a drumstick or mallet to achieve a resonant klonk or donk sound, similar to the sound of knocking on a table top or desk. The wood block may be the oldest musical instrument known to man, given that it would have been possible for any civilization to have constructed and played this idiophonic instrument even before the Bronze Age.

Homemade Wood Blocks

2u drawer dimensions 3Wood blocks piccolo wood blocks grover lp lone star percussion american black cherry wood stealth jam block lp. Furniture From Wood. Overview. LP Aspire Wood Blocks offer great tone at a great price for the beginner or student.