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Big Sale on now! Branding Irons Unlimited is the industry leader in custom branding irons for marking wood, leather, plastics, livestock and food such as burger buns and steaks. When you brand wood you leave a distinct permanent mark that stands the test of time. Branding Irons Unlimited knows a lot about branding and understands how to get quality marks on different types of wood. Branding Irons For All Your Woodworking Needs. Find a Large Selection of Custom Branding Irons, Wood Branding Irons, Branding Tools and More at Rockler.

wood branding irons  2Custom Wood Branding Iron with Electric Heater,Electric Soldering Iron Heating Tool for Leather,Food Branding iron. Custom Heat Branding Iron Leather Stamp Wood Stamp Embossing Stamp. I wanted a way to brand some of my projects. I know you can order custom branding irons that fit on the end of a wood burner. Well, I don’t have a wood burner, and the custom irons can be fairly pricey, so I decided to do it myself. Our branding and marking tools make wonderful gifts for the hobbyist wood- or leather worker, for the barbecue aficionado, and for crafters working in wood, leather, plastic, soap, and wax, sand, and cement.

Woodworkers will often use Electric or Fire-Heated Branding Irons to leave their maker’s mark or company logo. Timber pallets and other timber export packaging is often marked in this way in accordance with ISPM 15 to indicate that the timber has been treated to prevent it carrying pests. Personalize Your Work, Brand your Furniture or add a Logo Medallion at Highland Woodworking. We manufacture branding irons and accessories for commercial, industrial, semi-professional, and hobbyist applications. BrandNew Industries prides itself as the premier innovator of branding solutions for branding wood, leather, plastic, rubber, food, and other products.

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For use on wood or leather, our electric and nonelectric branding irons have solid brass heads. Heated with a propane torch, the non-electric irons reach up to 900 F (482 C) in 2 to 3 minutes. Our electric branding irons are precision-engraved in brass and can include both graphics and text. They require a standard 240 volt power supply. Equibrand Electric Branding Irons, bespoke designs for your logo, security marking, complience marks, serial numbers etc. Also branding wooden or plastic pallets is an ideal method of highlighting these items as your property and that they should be returned to you after use. LOADING GALLERY. 2006_11_01__wood_shot_007.jpg. Brass Branding Dies. 2006_10_06_brand_something_214.jpg. 2006_10_06_brand_something_210. EPL LPG Branding Irons are favoured for in the field work, with the advantage of rapid branding head heating and for professionals needing finer detail. Customers include timber treatment plants, timber companies, beekeepers, woodcraft designers, wooden furniture imports and manufactures and wineries. And for Drill Press Electric Branding Irons, it’ll take us 7-9 business days. We don’t recommend using a wood-burning fire, primarily because it’s difficult to control the heat, and they tend to crud up your iron with soot (that is unless you’re going with a brass head).

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Make your mark! Give your work a professional touch with the best custom electric branding iron in the world. Made in the USA! Branding Buddies – The way to put your mini brand on just about everything brandable!. Use your mini branding iron to brand leather, wood, steaks, pancakes, bags, or anything that you want to mark as your own. And the best way to make your mark on just about any piece of wood is with a branding iron. In this video review you will see just how easy it is to use branding irons on wood. Custom branding irons for wood, leather, plastics, and rubber, for use in commercial, industrial, and personal applications. Electric, propane, and torch heated branding irons.