Wood Branding Stamp (DIY Project Download)

Custom Wood Branding Stamp Custom Wood Branding Stamp. Graphics Create Your Own Branding Iron Pkg. From 67.20. Ready-2-Brand-Graphics Ready-2-Brand Branding Head. If you are interested in going with a branding iron instead of a wood stamp, our sister company, Branding Irons Unlimited has the equipment you need to make it happen. Brand-First is the Leader in Electric Heated, Flame Heated and Propane Powered Branding Irons and Branding Tools for Home, Hobby, and Industry. The choice between ink stamps and branding irons is clear.

wood branding stamp 2Whether you create woodworking projects as a hobby or a full time profession you have probably contemplated having either a branding iron or rubber stamp made. The downside to branding irons and stamps is not only the price but also you are limited to the exact design and shape that the branding iron or stamp was made. Personalize Your Work, Brand your Furniture or add a Logo Medallion at Highland Woodworking. I know you can order custom branding irons that fit on the end of a wood burner. Took about an hour from drawing on the brass weight to performing a test stamp.

300W by LW Leathers – Custom Leather Stamps and Wood Branding Irons. Branding Irons are used often by makers of horse tack often in place of a steel leather stamp to indicate craftsmanship. Our electric branding irons are precision-engraved in brass and can include both graphics and text.

Inexpensively Brand Your Woodworking

I have been thinking about a small stamp or branding iron type tool to imprint on the stuff I make, I usually just write my name and date on the backside or bottom of what I make. Custom Leather Stamp for Embossing / Stamping Leather. Leave your mark on your woodworking creations or products with one of our custom branding irons. Branding is a great way to leave a permanent impression on wood and a variety of other materials for:. Schwerdtle production branding dies create clean, crisp brands on leather and wood. Custom dies can be designed to emboss or deboss the leather, or, as in the photo below, have branding dies work in conjunction with hot stamp dies. I am leaning towards a branding iron versus an ink stamp. However, I decided to ask before I commit. Monte, In a lot of wood ink stamps will bleed badly. Once you learn how to use the branding iron, you get an almost perfect image every time.

Personalized Wood Branding Irons