Wood Bricks (DIY Project Download)

HOT RHP Compressed Wood Fuels – are efficient, all natural, pressed wood fuel developed as a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional firewood. We remove the bark and kiln dry the wood fiber to allow the heat created during burning to transfer directly into your home rather than going up your chimney. Enviro-Brick pressed sawdust fireplace fuel, is an effective alternative to other fuels such as fuel oil and coal. Firewood Bio Bricks is easy to use, the new solution to winter heating, designed to save money by heating more and burning less.

wood bricks  2RedStone Wood Fuel are environmentally friendly, additive free, pressed kiln dried hardwood sawdust bricks used for home heating fuel in wood burning stoves, wood burning fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, etc. BioPellet, LLC offers BioBricks your environmentally conscious, easy to use, economical solution to winter heating, designed to excel in a woodstove. Project: To find a use for the large amount of sawdust produced from wood turning sawing firewood etc, the 2 choices  had was to dunp / compost  it or burn it.   loose sawdust can be burned in a wood burner but can easily kill the fire and cause a lot of smoke. decide to try and compress it back into bricks that would burn better.

HOT Bricks are a convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly replacement to burning cordwood. Imagine no bugs, no bark falling off, less mess, less loading the stove, and a cleaner burn. Fiber Fuel bricks are 2 pounds of compressed kiln dried wood waste. The wood waste is a by-product from the moulding manufacturing of Eastern White Pine done by Lewis Mouldings in Nova Scotia, Canada. As with any wood, burn time depends on how much air the fire is given. In an open fireplace, Liberty Bricks will burn for about 90 minutes. In a well-stocked, damped-down wood stove (but not stuffed to capacity!) they will burn all night.

Redstone Wood Fuel, Pack Of 6

Little Mountain Alternative Heating Fuel sells Eco Bricks for your heating comfort and convenience. Eco Bricks can be used for home heating fuels in wood burning stoves, wood burning fireplaces and ourdoor fire pits. Maximizes the use of its raw materials by offering a wide range of wood fuel products that provide a clean, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective heating solution that enhances the comfort and coziness of a fireplace in your home. Ehrhart Energy offers wood bricks (also called biomass bricks or eco-bricks) for over 40 towns in Tompkins, Seneca, Chemung & Tioga County NY. Learn more. Bear Mountain Bear Bricks are the best fire logs available, made from 100 clean renewable wood and burning twice as hot as firewood or cordwood. Paper bricks are effective fire starters. Want quick and intense heat to boil water? Toss a paper brick on your fire. No wood supply? Burn paper logs one at a time! Source. Compressed wood bricks, like Smartwood bricks, are an eco-friendly way to fuel your living room fire, your backyard firepit, or your campfire.

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Envi Blocks, energy logs, bio bricks and other firewood alternatives from Pellets Direct. US Recycled Wood Products produces wood brick fuel which is alternative wood fuel to firewood and cordwood. This wood brick fuel is produced from kiln. TWO women held captive for years on end in their own home were forced to eat wood, bricks and even their own faeces to stay alive, it has been claimed. Design firm New Tech Shinsei has produced Mokulock, a limited edition series of beautiful interlocking toy bricks made from wood. A natural and eco-friendly alternative to plastic, each set contains handmade bricks from 6 types of Japanese tree: cherry, birch, maple, bigleaf magnolia, hornbeam and zelkova.

Wood pellets are not the only way to effectively heat your home. Wood bricks are the perfect alternative to traditional firewood. These are just as safe as wood pellets, just as clean, and just as easy on your wallet.