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Commercial and residential wood burning grills. Rugged Aztec Grills are designed for fuel efficiency, low fuel consumption, grilling comfort and ease, as well as for low maintenance and longevity. At Wildwood Ovens, we offer barbecue grills of all types, including Brazilian BBQs, Rotisserie BBQs, Yakitori Grills, and Commercial & Catering BBQ units. An age old style of BBQ where choice cuts of meats are pierced on large skewers and placed over a pit of hot wood coals. Lighting the charcoal is quick with the built in gas burner! Simple to use and easy to clean. Our commercial argentine grills and commercial charbroilers are designed to provide an exhibition environment for your restaurant or catered event. Wood, charcoal, and gas burning grills are available, as are insulated fireboxes.

wood burning grill commercial 2Desired and selected by Chefs everywhere to produce real Barbecue the authentic way, fueled ONLY with burning hardwood! Easy to use.. stoke the fire, load the meat, set your cooking temperature, and let the Oyler do the rest. Wood Fire and Stone offers a choice of Pizza Ovens and grills for outdoor cooking – Pizza Ovens, Argentinian Grills, Commercial Ovens. Wood and gas fired pizza ovens, Shahi Tandoors, the Robata Flame Grill, Asado Grill – Clay Oven Company, market leader since 1974. Custom made to measure.

The Aztec Wood Burning Grill is an insulated, heavy-gauge stainless steel firebox open_door_circle-170×170 in which you build a fire of wood or charcoal. THE COMMERCIAL WOOD BURNING GRILL. Slider. RED NECK BUDDY! UK’s -. first undercounter low and slow hickory smoker ideal for pubs and restaurants. Made in the USA commercial gas and wood fired grills.

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Scheer commercial equipment offers solutions in charcoal, wood fire or gas rotisseries, grills, spits & customised BBQ’s for Brazilian Churrasco, Argentinean Parrilla, Greek Souvla, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean style cooking & much more. Bespoke wood burning stoves, suspended wood burning stoves, inset fires and commercial outdoor BBQs and swing grills – all made-to-measure in the UK. Despite the expense and hassle, more chefs are embracing the oldest of cooking styles, wood-fired grilling. I notice there are no supports for the grill in view of the window, possibly to show the hot wood below. I’m not sure if the grill was supported by one pole in the middle or if there were supports on the chef side. Norcalovenworks.com Proudly MADE IN THE USA, We design and build: Argentine Grills, Asado Catering Equipment, Built-In Grills, Built-In Grills for Complete Modular Kitchens, Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens, Santa Maria Grills, Smokers/Smoker-Grills, Tuscan Grills, and Uruguayan Grills More. The role of grease as fuel in commercial kitchen fires is well known. Creosote fire risk comes with appliances that burn any form of wood, generally to add flavor, such as charbroilers, rotisseries, pit barbeques, ovens (including brick ovens), and smokers. As reported in a local newspaper, there was creosote buildup in the wood-burning grill system.

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Wood Burning Commercial SMOKER heavy duty made by BRINKMAN on wheels. I am looking at several wood burning grills, the JR Wood Show and the Aztec Grill. What other commercial Wood Burning grill are available? A barbecue grill is a device that cooks food by applying heat from below. There are several varieties of grills, with most falling into one of two categories: gas-fueled or charcoal. The Arawak people of South America roasted meat on a wooden structure called a barbacoa in Spanish. A commercial barbecue typically has a larger cooking capacity than traditional household grills, as well as featuring a variety of accessories for added versatility. Professional pizza & bakery ovens Prefabricated wood-burning or gas burning ovens for continuative use in prefabricated, highly resistant refractory material. Wood Fired Oven & Barbecue Showroom, South Yorkshire.

Wood Fired Oven & Barbecue Showroom, South Yorkshire. We have 4 commercial italian wood fired pizza oven models to choose from, prices on application.