Wood Closet Dowel Rod (DIY Project Download)

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Reinforce a closet rod to make it strong enough to handle all your hanging clothes. Builder grade end brackets just won’t hold up a stuffed closet worth of clothes. Shop our selection of Closet Rods in the Storage & Organization Department at The Home Depot. Shop a variety of quality Dowels and Dowels that are available for purchase online or in store. Closet Accessories (3) Closet Rods (29) Dowel Pins (25). Refine Results. Brand. Madison Mill (37); The Hillman Group (15). Rating. Select Your Star Rating. 12345 (52). Shape. Round (46); Square (6). Wood Species.

wood closet dowel rod 2If you are maintaining an older closet or installing a new one, a new closet rod is going to be something to consider. These rods typically break or sag and are always a part of a new closet redesign. Various options for replacing them. Wood dowels are one way to make a cheap, customizable closet rod. Hardwood Dowel and wood dowel rods are for closet rods, flag poles, toy uses, and craft applications of all types. We can make dowels in any diameter you want and lengths can be cut to your specific requirements. We can make wood dowels in any Appalachian specie (birch, hard maple, soft maple, red oak, white oak, cherry, walnut, ash and poplar) and we can also use customers’ material to make dowels. Browse Wood Dowel Rods and Large Diameter Dowel Rods in the Excel Dowel & Wood Products, LLC catalog including Item,Diameter,Length,Species,Type,List Price.

Paint or stain the closet rod socket to blend in to the wall or to contrast with your pole. Telescopic metal closet rods are easy to install because they expand to fit any closet. Because the rods are hollow, they tend to sag if you hang too much on them. One solution is to fill the core with a wooden dowel rod. Fits Up To a 1-3/8 Diameter Rod, Pole or Dowel. Great for Closets but Can be Used Anywhere that a Rod or Dowel Needs to be Secured to a Flat Surface. Closet rod socket sets.

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In spite of my own misgivings, I used varythane on some wooden closet dowel rods in an attempt to make the rods slipperier. I should have known better, because to me, varythane is a cousin of rubber, which is often sticky and not slippery. You can also support a wooden or metal closet rod from the underside of a shelf or from the ceiling by means of brackets or hooks. The simplest way to install a closet rod is to measure the distance between the side walls and cut a length of 1-inch dowel about 1/4 inch shorter than this distance. My Studio Closet – I bought the wooden dowels from Lowes, and had them cut them to the size I needed in the store. Drill and Attach Wall Brackets. Pre-drill a hole for the bracket screw using a 1/4 drill bit. Attach the round-bracket to the wall using a 2 wood screw. Repeat the process on the other side of the closet for the u-shaped bracket. (10) 1-3/8 Wooden Closet Rod Pole Dowel Socket Support Bracket Hanger Mount Set in Home, Furniture & DIY, Storage Solutions, Wardrobe Organisers eBay. The closet does have finished wood paneling so I wanted to stain the rod to match which precludes the plastic or metal idea.

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