Wood Fascia Board Types (DIY Project Download)

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Fascia is a material that is used in woodworking and construction that helps to add the finishing touches to various types of projects. They can be glued or nailed to any surface that requires a solid border to hide edges or cover up an edge where two levels of materials come together. Buy timber fascia board from our profiles, you choose the wood. The most popular types are; Western red cedar fascia board, European oak fascia board, Douglas fir fascia board and Larch fascia board. I am going to be replacing the soffit and gutter fascia board this summer. 1 and 3 are made of the same wood type, what type of wood should.

wood fascia board types 2Fascia board of this type is typically made from the same wood species as the project, but is not limited to it. Hardwood fascia for furniture can vary in width but is typically no more than 3/4 inch or less in thickness. Anyway got the first section of guttering off and the top of the wood fascia board was rotting where it met with the tile. It obviously needs replacing but was wandering what type of wood to use. Hey Gang – Re-doing the roof on my detached garage. My soffits and fascia board need to be replaced, what do you recommend wood or Hardie Plank? I.

When I worked in fla, they used a lot of cedar for fascia boards. IMO a good coat of an exterior oil base primer is better than using a pigmented shellac like BIN. The old fascia is 1×8 not sure what kind of wood. Soffits and fascia go largely unseen normally on a house and are found in the corners where the roof meets the top of the side wall. This type of soffit and fascia is very different from wood for example, in that it is far less likely to rot and let water in. How to Paint Wood Fascia Boards. Discover more information on fascia board at askthebuilder.

What Type Of Material To Use For Fascia Board?

There are some types of routine maintenance which are always met with a frown; the changing of wooden fascia boards is usually one of them. Hi everyone, Working on building a shed. i’m at the roofing stage, i’ve got 2×4 rafters to which I will be attaching a fascia – what kind of wood should I use for this? Pressure treated plywood? I would like it to be paintable. Chartwell Green Woodgrain Fascia Boards. Our woodgrain range includes all the classic wood types including mahogany, black ash and light oak. Categories. Wood has been the preferred material for fascia board while soffits were mostly finished with marine plywood. MDF (medium density fibreboard) is gaining popularity as an alternative material for fascias and soffit as this type of wood is structurally sound and is more resilient to water. The gable roof joins (left side with gutter) the main house (right side) to form a valley. What type of wood and fasteners are best to use for this.

Fascia Replacement

What is a reasonable price to pay for new fascia and soffit boards to the roofline of your property? As roofing contractors we often quote for this type of work so we know exactly how much we and our competitors typically charge. As roofing contractors we often quote for this type of work so we know exactly how much we and our competitors typically charge. Below is our price estimate for capping boards to a semi detached house with 3 sides, including new rainwater guttering and downpipes. Fascia board is a type of roof trim mounted on exposed rafter ends or the tops of exterior walls. Always go with a treated wood for your board, and keep it painted well. Choose quality wood with grains. This will keep the fascia board from splitting. Depending on your local area these are the types of wood we recommend:. When installing a 40-foot fascia of engineered wood, the installer must allow for expansion, or the material may buckle. There are at least five manufacturers of hardboard exterior trim (ABTco, Collins Products, Georgia-Pacific, Masonite, and Temple-Inland). There are several types of plastic materials being sold as exterior trim, including polyurethane, plain PVC (vinyl), cellular PVC, foamed polystyrene, polymer composite resin, and polyethylene lumber.

If these types of boards are to be painted they should be done so with masonry paint, direct to the surface. The guide below is for a semi-detached house with three sides, both fascia and soffits to be painted:. There are many types of wet rot, and they all attack damp timber fascias. UPVC Fascia, Soffit and Bargeboards. When replacing a wooden fascia, soffit or bargeboard, it is recommended that the old fascia, soffit or bargeboards are all removed. Different types of board.