Wood Floor Finish Types (DIY Project Download)

How to make sense of this changing landscape? Here’s a summary of the basic finish types found in the modern wood flooring world. Keep in mind that the following summaries are generalizations for each type; always get the specifications and follow the directions for your specific product. When choosing the finish for wood floors, consider your lifestyle and maintenance preferences. All wood floors will require routine maintenance, such as sweeping or dust mopping, to keep them looking beautiful and new, but the finish will have a big impact on how the floor is maintained long-term, as well as how it will look in the years to come. There are several types of surface finishes available:. You’ll want to use the same type of finish product that was on your flooring originally.

wood floor finish types 2The type of finish on a wood floor makes a difference on looks, durability and wear. From traditional oak hardwood floors to exotics such as Brazilian walnut (also called ipe) and Bolivian rosewood, selecting a floor finish to best suit the type of wood is critical to protect it, says Deb Neely, service representative with Lon Musolf Distributing, a Vadnais Heights, Minn. The most important factors in the life of your hardwood floor finishes are the amount of foot traffic and the frequency of maintenance. While some finish types require only light maintenance or cleaning to maintain their luster, other types may require semi-annual waxing and buffing or recoating within 5 years. Oil and water can mix within floor finishes when installing wood floors. However, RH and drying time are determining factors to finishing successfully. Following are the different types of wood floor finishes currently available:.

A finish is a top coat that will protect your floor from everyday wear and tear. There are two kinds of hardwood finishes: surface finishes and penetrating finishes. Synteko wood floor finish selector. Synteko Floor finish selctor is to assist you selecting the type of floor finish for the timber floor. Bringing a dull, worn-out floor finish back to life is easier than you think. You should be OK to use the same type water based finish in a gloss.

Wood Flooring Finishes Make A Difference

Everyone likes the beauty of a real wood floor – create a wooden floor finish to be proud of! You need products that are tough, easy to use, quick drying and will make your wooden floor look superb – so that’s exactly what we sell, along with friendly free advice on how to use them to achieve a perfect wooden floor finish. Tough Floor Varnish with special waxes to give a waxed type finish similar to Hard Wax Oils, but with more protection. Hardwood flooring is easily one of the most popular types of flooring today, and it’s easy to see why. The aesthetic benefit coupled with relatively easy maintenance and great resale value makes hardwood floors a go-to for many homeowners who wish to update their flooring. Here at Pete’s, we sell four basic types of hardwood floor finish. We only sell what we trust. And, introducing our favorite ceramic waterborne finish: Arboritec Avenue 20. How you decide on which wood flooring finish to choose depends upon various things. First, you need to decide what style of finish you like. Your hardwood has lost its shine, and it’s time for a little refinishing. With so many types of finishes on the market, deciding on the right one can be a brain teaser. Understand which is the right type of wooden flooring treatment for your home so you get the right finish. Varnishes are generally available in a matt, satin and gloss finish.

Wood Finishes

The experts at DIYNetwork.com explain the different types of natural wood finish to help you choose the right one for your home. Natural wood finishes enhance rather than cover the grain of the wood. How to Stain a Hardwood Floor. The two most popular modern finishes for wood flooring are oil-modified urethane and water-based polyurethane. There are several types of polyurethane finishes that exist, but the two most common are oil-modified polyurethane and water-based polyurethane. Every finish has its pros and cons, and no one finish is best for every floor type. If you are restoring an existing wood floor or adding a new one, knowing what the finish options are will help guide you to a floor that is compatible with your old house’s appearance and practical for your lifestyle. In recent years there have been so many advancements in hardwood flooring that it may sometimes be confusing to know what’s what.

Finishes. Seattle Floor Service offers four main types of floor finish for your wood floor, Polyurethane, Swedish, Waterborne, e-Floor and Osmo Polyx Oil. Choosing the best wood floor finishes to protect your hardwood floors. Learn different wood floor finishing techniques. Your money will be well spent in this area. Types of Wood Finishes. The type you choose depends on the type and age of timber, the look you want, the environmental conditions and how you will use the floor. RUBIO MONOCOAT all-natural oil wood floor finishes are plant-based, VOC-free and completely non-toxic oil finishes of extraordinary durability. Maple Charcoal – Hardwood floor available in. Floor types:.