Wood Flooring On Concrete Slab (DIY Project Download)

Learn more about installing them over concrete on DIYNetwork.com. Methods of installing wood floors on concrete. Solid, engineered. Over plywood sub floor, direct gluedown or floating engineered. Proper floor prep a must for success. There’s something inherently strange about laying wood floors over concrete. After all, water and wood don’t mix, and one of concrete’s talents is absorbing and holding water.

wood flooring on concrete slab 2The complete guide and instruction manual to installing and gluing wood floors to concrete slabs. This is a must read before you start your project. Homes built on concrete slabs are good candidates for solid wood flooring, provided that the slab does not wick up too much moisture. Humid conditions, such as those found in basements, eventually. We have recently bought an old house, and the ground floor has a hard floor and is currently covered in tongue and groove laminate – which we hate.

A step-by-step plan for putting down a prefinished wood floor. Brazilian Walnut or Ipe hardwood flooring is installed over a concrete slab as Jesse Bartusek explains how the concrete is tested for moisture content, sealed, and troweled with polyurethane adhesive. This article is divided into three sections. Be sure to also read What You Need To Understand Before Deciding To Use Hardwood Flooring Over A Concrete Slab.

Installing Hardwood Floors On Concrete Slabs

Expert tips and techniques for preparing floors for hardwood flooring, including tips on how to install new flooring on a concrete slab. But that’s not so anymore. A concrete sub-floor is no reason to deny yourself beautiful wood floors. Nowadays, they can go virtually anywhere. Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is the premier supplier of the highest quality wide plank wood flooring suitable for concrete slab installations. Solid wood is classic and can last a century, but engineered flooring offers a quicker, easier way to get a new floor, and it comes with a durable factory-applied finish. Master Carpenter: Wood Floors on a Concrete Slab. When gluing pre-finished engineered flooring to concrete, detailing the prep and a careful layout are key. My radiant heating system will be an integral part of this slab. Is it possible to install hardwood flooring over the concrete, or will I be forced to use ceramic tile? What needs to be done to make sure the wood floor will not develop cracks from the radiant heat? Am I pushing the envelope by installing wood in this situation? Brian D.

How To Install A Floating Engineered Wood Floor

Find out the steps needed to install laminate flooring on a concrete slab, and how to test the concrete for excess moisture. I would like to install my wood laminate over a basement concrete floor using plastic vapor barrier then the wood laminate with no backing. The other concern has always been that water in a concrete slab will be absorbed by wood flooring. With the use of Products lik Bostik MVP4 urethane membrane we can eliminate that problem. I have been told by two different handymen that it is not a good idea to lay engineered wood flooring on a cement slab. Why would this be so? They can be used to determine if floor boards are dry enough for an installation to proceed, they can check subfloors and concrete for high moisture levels, they can determine when a second coat of finish can be applied and they can assess water damage.