Wood Pallet Sizes And Weights (DIY Project Download)

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Pallet weight generally depends upon pallet size, and the load bearing capacity of the pallet. On average, an empty wooden pallet will weigh from 30 lbs. to 70 lbs., depending on wood type (i. Used UK standard sized wooden pallets, We can deliver & collect used wooden pallets. The standard size UK is 1200 x 1000mm and is available in a number of pallet types and weight bearing capacities. This industry standard 1200 x 1000 mm quality wooden platform is ideal for the transport of goods in many industries including Consumer Goods, Fresh Food, Retail, Manufacturing and Automotive. To ensure compatibility with different supply chain requirements, pallets are available in three standard sizes.

wood pallet sizes and weights 2A listing of the different pallet sizes and types available for CHEP customers – pallet dimensions. The weight of an empty wooden pallet depends entirely on the size of the pallet, the type of wood and the amount of load the pallet was designed to hold. We supply and purchase the following UK standard sized reconditioned wooden pallets.

Wooden pallet construction specifications can depend on the pallet’s intended use: general, FDA, storage, chemical, export; the expected load weight; type of wood desired: recycled, hard, soft, kiln dried or combo (new & recycle); and even the type of fasteners desired to hold the pallet together: staples or nails. Tough, durable wood. 4-way forklift access. Stackable, reusable. Meets standard GMA specifications. Heat treated pallets meet ISPM 15 Export Specifications. IFCO manufactures and recycles pallets in a wide variety of specifications. Download the renderings of common pallets sizes below, or send us your specifications in the contact us form to the right. RUMOR: All 48×40 wood pallets are the same size and weight.

Pallet Sizes

We can help save cost by reducing excess and improve safety by designing wooden pallets to meet your exact pallet dimensions, weight and use requirement (eg. Pallets come in different sizes and have different weight depending on the wood. Pallets come in different sizes and have different weight depending on the wood. PalletXPert.com provide wide range of pallet interm of sizes, each design carried it’s own specific needs for the user. New Wooden Pallets Used Wooden Pallets Heat Treated Pallets. Understanding the differences between standard and euro pallet dimensions & weights. If you re planning on sending items internationally, not only do you need to check regulations on raw wood to make sure your pallet is suitable for international use, but you need to be sure that the size of the pallet itself is compatible with the equipment in operation in the destination country. With a space saving nestable design, light-weight molded wooden pallets are cost-effective alternatives to conventional heat treated wooden and plastic pallets.


Pallets. Products Transported on the Timber Pallets The type, quantity, size and weight of the products being palletised, the way in which the products are packaged and the manner in which they are stacked on the pallet determines the design of the Top Deck Boards and the necessary working load requirements and weight distribution of the pallet. Pallet weight typically depend on the size of the pallet and what the load bearing capacity of the pallet is. The average pallet weighs 30lbs to 70lbs depending on if soft or hard wood was used to manufacture the pallet.