Wood River Spokeshave (DIY Project Download)

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I have a Grizley Spokeshave that despite tuning and honing is still unusable. If the Wood River shave is otherwise right, you could make yourself a sandpaper hone from a chunk of hardwood, just wide enough for the blade, and sharpen that way. Spokeshaves are used to shape and smooth chair legs wheel spokes and rods of all sorts The WoodRiver shave is a robust casting of ductile iron featuring a high carbon RC60-64. Episode 75 Wood River Spokeshave. They are available in sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6, with a spokeshave (see Stusshed review), 2 Block Planes (available November) and a Scraper Plane.

wood river spokeshave 2I’m to the point that sometimes, I need a spokeshave(s?). Why would I:. Stanley, Steelex, Kunz, and Wood River – from 16-51. Thanks for the input. WOOD RIVER SPOKE SHAVE IN ORIGINAL WOODEN BOX in Collectibles, Tools, Hardware & Locks, Tools eBay. Earlier this year I saw two new spokeshaves from Woodcraft under the Pinnacle name that showed real spirit. Sounds like you have the Wood River low angle spokeshave.

Episode 75 Wood River SpokeshaveFiled under: Podcast, Tools Tagged: PWS, Spokeshave, Wood River. Next I will get the curved bottom spokeshave for concave curves. Well I finally got my first spoke shave. I picked up the Wood River spoke shave to see what I thought of the concept and usefulness for me etc.

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wood river spokeshave 3If you’ve never tried wood turning, we can recommend it as a fun and rewarding pursuit. Today we make over 50 types of planes, saws, spokeshaves, chisels, floats and more. So, the Wood River planes are neither new or innovative and LN certainly does not enjoy any type of monopoly. Here in the US we get 1×2 (3/4 x 1 1/2) wood slats or boards. I tried out the Wood-river planes at Woodcraft in Connecticut last year and found them to be about the same as a Stanley which is to say mediocre at best (and these ones were right out of the box) and needed work to become usable. Cast iron body for long life. Double set screw adjustment for complete control of cutting depth and angle. High quality 2 1/8 steel blade for superb shaving.

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