Wood Vs Aluminum Bat Science Project (DIY Project Download)

In this project, you can produce some interesting baseball statistics of your own and perhaps settle a long-standing debate. The distance of the baseballs hit by the wood baseball bat was 45.1 ft; while the distance traveled by the baseball hit by the aluminum bat was 35. This site is the complete outline of a science fiar project – generally intended for kids projects in the Kindergarten through 8th grades, but also for 9th through 12th grades.

wood vs aluminum bat science project 2Will a wooden bat or aluminum bat be better for hitting a ball further? If you or your kids are doing a science project involving baseball, send me an email (drussell kettering. The name of Anthony’s projects was, Bats: Aluminum versus Wood. At times the controversy over metal versus wood bats has become quite heated, resulting in threats of lawsuits between bat manufacturers, safety watch organizations, and sports regulatory groups. Scientific evidence that batted ball speed is faster for aluminum baseball bats.

I am doing a science project on which a bat hits a baseball farther, a bat made of wood or aluminum? Do you have any idea of how can I set up my experiment? Science far project which determines whether the material of a baseball bat affects the distance that the baseball will travel. The Penguin (aka Ron Cey) poses with what appears to be an aluminum bat during his Dodger days in 1979. Luckily, science has been able to provide some important insights on the topic. The biggest difference, besides the metal-vs.


Constant: a factor that is kept the same for all trials in an experiment. I think the aluminum bat will hit the ball farther than a wooden one. I’m doing my science fair project comparing aluminum and wooden bats. I want to see which one will hit the ball farther. Any ideas on how to set up a really good experiment? How about some information about how the bats are made to make the difference, if there is one, in how far the ball travels? Answer 1:I had to do some research on this, since I’m more of a football fan,myself. HYPOTHESIS ulliA ball hit with a wood bat will travel farther than a ball hit with a metal bat. EXPERIMENT TO FIND OUT WHICH BAT HAS MORE SPEED AND DISTANCE The next two slides you will see me hit with a wood and metal bat. Batter up! Reed hit 30 balls with a wood bat and 30 balls with an aluminum bat. Use this baseball investigation as a science fair project idea for your elementary or middle school science fair! A simple experiment of your on can be done using either a wood or aluminum bat. The only apparatus required is a hammer. Gripping the bat by the handle suspend perpendicular from the floor. Aluminum Bats Vs. Composite Bats. Aluminum bats and composite bats. Major League Baseball only plays with wood bats, but just about every other league from youth softball to college baseball uses a combination of aluminum and composite bats. Daniel Russell, professor of applied physics at Michigan’s Kettering University, used scientific methodology to show that batted balls come off high-end composite bats at faster speeds than other types of bats.

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Indeed, the aluminum springs back quickly and the ball retains much of its initial energy. As a result, a ball colliding with a wooden bat, such as the replica of Babe Ruth’s Louisville Slugger (below), loses more of its initial kinetic energy. How much faster will a baseball travel coming off the bat of an aluminum alloy with scandium as opposed to an alloy without scandium?. Jihane Bou-Ghosn – Hi I am a highschool student who is doing a science project on comparing different aluminum alloys. I am also doing a project for school involving wood vs. metal bats. I really need to find some sites that will explain the development of metal bats. Many observers say aluminum bats hit the ball with more force than wooden bats. To help resolve that question, Ravi Ravindra, a physics professor at NJIT, devised an experiment to test both types of bats. Such an experiment, Ravindra thought, might help the legislature make an informed and scientific decision about the bats. Although wood bats may be more expensive, the risks of using metal bats could outweigh the costs. While wood bats are less forgiving and demand greater hand-eye coordination, the transition between playing with a wood bat to playing with an aluminum or composite bat is relatively easy for all levels of play. The more a player trains with a wood bat, the more they will be able to experiment with the length, weight, and style of the bat, helping to personalize it for the player, just like a glove.

Description: My Science Fair Project Image copyright: Image taken by Mrs. Yvett Williams. My hypothesis was that aluminum bats will hit better than wood bats.